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Final Year Student Projects: Prelude Michael R. Lyu.

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1 Final Year Student Projects: Prelude Michael R. Lyu

2 Video over InternEt and Wireless (VIEW) Technologies  Video  Internet  Wireless

3 Wireless Video-On-Demand Internet is ubiquitous and free Video is key to rich media content Wireless services are chargeable

4 Wireless News-On-Demand Stay in touch Redeem unused time Quick search Portable information Continuous flow Dynamic delivery

5 Play Interactive Wireless Videos

6 Recreation Shopping Interaction Education Trading Application Areas Entertainment

7 Wireless-Enhanced Digital Video Content Hub

8 Final Year Student Projects: Project Listing Michael R. Lyu

9 LYU0101: Bluetooth Access Point with Security and Quality of Service (QoS) Objective: To design and implement data access points and client applications for secure and QoS information exchange based on bluetooth techology. Data Access Point PDA Exhibition Counter or Reception Desk or Campus … Visitor Price Quotation or Staff information or Map …

10 Background: In our daily life, some data is unavailable or not useful until we reach certain geographical location or personal interaction circumstance. For example, you can’t get the staff contact information or price quotation before you come to the sales desk. You will need a map when you come to an unfamiliar area. Data access point is a hardware station that can establish communication with a user’s digital device when they come to close distance. The bluetooth technology fits this deployment. Applications including e-commerce, kiosk … LYU0101: Bluetooth Access Point

11 Study and compare bluetooth architectures and development kits Create an application for data sending and receiving Perform connectivity and placement test for servers and clients Define specific functionalities and marketable system features Security issues: access control and encryption Performance issues: Quality of service, bandwidth management, and congestion avoidance.

12 LYU0102: Multi-Player PDA Games over Wireless Networks Objective: To develop multi-player PDA games on bluetooth. PDA1 PDA2

13 Background: Current two-player pocket games are based on wired connection. The existing PDA connection required line of sight and therefore not suitable for playing games. Challenges: Explore the feasibility of building multi-player games. Design a scheme for action game data streaming. LYU0102: PDA Games on Bluetooth

14 Project Tasks: Study and get familiar with the wireless development tools Create a simple application for sending and receiving data in the wireless networks Make a simple game (e.g., tic-tac-toe) for two players Design an interactive auction game Perform advanced topics: e.g., a generic game data streaming control system for multiple players LYU0102: PDA Games on Bluetooth

15 LYU0103: XML and Digital Video Library Develop an automated system which can enable multimedia information capture, search, retrieval, summarization and reuse, based on XML techniques.  Robust indexing and retrieval of audio and video documents from heterogeneous databases  On-demand searching and presentation of multimedia documents to various client devices  Video segmentation and summarization.

16 Video Processing Procedure Building Video Databases collect videos (all are news), prepare corresponding text scripts, short descriptions.... convert analog videos to digital compressed format, e.g. mpeg1 Breaking the Video into Segments break the videos into smaller pieces each piece talks about one topic of news Indexing the Video Contents index the videos manually, e.g. prepare the title of a news Retrieving Video user can make request by inputting such as keyword, and then the system will returns the required videos

17 LYU0104: Interactive Geographical Map Over Internet Objective: To design and implement two kinds of geographical map over internet: 1. Thick client implementation approach: As a browser plug-in application with the map data pre-stored at the client side. 2. Thin client implementation approach: interactive map browsing scheme that can optimize the delivery performance for clients without prior map data. Background: A digital map is actually a large database with special data structures (vectors to describe the border lines and hierarchical structure of geographical relations). A state-of-the-art implementation is the MapObjects ActiveX component for desktop applications.

18 LYU0104: Interactive Geographical Map Over Internet Development Tasks: 1.Develop and load digital maps (e.g., Hong Kong) 2.Implement thick and thin client architectures 3.Perform indexing and searching capabilities based on map components 4.As an advanced feature, connect the client device with a global or local positioning system for location pointing and navigation

19 My previous FYP students Justin Wan: 1998-1999 ACM Team Kenny Kwok: 1998-1999 ACM Team 1999-2000 ACM Team Starsky Wong: 1999-2000 ACM Team Ho Man Lam: 2000-2001 ACM Team

20 My Previous FYP Students

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