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Cross-curricular Assignment Using your case study…

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1 Cross-curricular Assignment Using your case study…

2 Assignment This is a cross-curricular assignment. To show which submissions are relevant to each subject, they are followed by a 2- character mnemonic: –Software Engineering is (SE) –Databases is (DB) –Internet Development is (ID)

3 Analyse your requirements.(SE) Design your schema and test requirements.(SE) Implement your schema.(DB) Design processes to populate your schema and tests to test your processes.(SE) Populate your schema.(DB) Design task-based queries to interrogate your schema.(DB)

4 Design your schema Using the data model that you have designed: –Normalise it. –Model it in ERWin You will need to submit this model – do it neatly! –Remember your model must allow you to do any of the computerised processes you have identified in your case study. –It is a good idea to check all process requirements before generating your SQL.

5 Implement your schema Set up tables and relationships in your database, using Oracle. –This can be done by generating the SQL from ERWin. –Please note that you should keep your SQL and copy it to your SQL Server directory. Edit it to run on SQL Server for your Internet application. Populate your tables with data that is unique to your case study and that allows for proper testing of your queries. For every query, specify data that is required to test your query –A query that has no data satisfying it is not acceptable.

6 Population processes Write at least one transaction process to populate or update your schema. Write at least 1 trigger to secure the integrity of your data. Specify the test data requirements that you have for each process and add that test data to your schema.

7 Interrogation processes Define task based queries to exercise: –All obvious task requirements –Relational algebra functions: Selection Projection Join Intersection Difference Union Cartesian Product. All queries should be meaningful in the business context.

8 Over the Internet Provide an application to add, amend, view and delete data from a table or view from your system.

9 Submission A Word document outlining the contents of your submission –This is a mini life-cycle. –ERWin model Generated Data Definition Language Triggers and test specs. Procedures and test specs. Query code and test specs. Insert statements used to populate the schema. Demo of application written in ASP.

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