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BASIC TERMINOLOGY n Test n Measurement n Evaluation.

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1 BASIC TERMINOLOGY n Test n Measurement n Evaluation

2 TEST n Laboratory Test n Field Test

3 MEASUREMENT n Objective Measurement n Subjective Measurement n Quantitative Measurement n Qualitative Measurement

4 EVALUATION n Formative Evaluation n Summative Evaluation STANDARDS OF EVALUATION n Criteria Referenced Standard n Norm Referenced Standard

5 PSYCHOMETRIC QUALITIES OF TESTS n Validity *Does it measure what it is supposed to measure n Reliability *Repeatable, consistent result n Objectivity *Reliability of test administrator

6 VALIDITY n Face Validity n Content Validity n Construct Validity n Concurrent Validity n Predictive Validity

7 RELIABILITY n Test-Retest Reliability n Alternate Form Reliability n Split Half (Odd-Even) Reliability

8 OBJECTIVITY n Interjudge n Intrajudge

9 TEST ADMINISTRATION n Material/Equipment n Type Of Testing Area n Arranging Testing Area n Knowledge Of Test n Recording Of Scores (group list vs. individual card)

10 Test Administration (cont.) n Practicing Test n Warm-Up Before Test n Consistent Instructions n Evaluating Results

11 FINAL RESEARCH PROJECT n Introduction and Research Problem n Review of Literature n Testing Procedures and Methods n Analysis of Data n Summary, Conclusions, Interpretations n Power Point Presentation

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