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What is GIS? Introduction.

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1 What is GIS? Introduction

2 Objectives Developing a basic understanding of what GIS is, its operations, and its uses. Getting familiar with GIS project management. Learning to plan a GIS project and write a project proposal.

3 Break it down…. Short Answer: Geographic: ge·o·graph·ic adj
relating to geography in general, or to the geography of a specific region Information: in·for·ma·tion n. 1. definite knowledge acquired or supplied about something Systems: sys·tem n 7. an assembly of electronic components that function together as a unit

4 What is GIS? How it’s built….
Computer Hardware Platform Computer GIS Software ArcGIS Data Storage Internet, etc.

5 What is GIS? How it’s built….
Data Input Hardware Scanners, etc. Information Output Hardware Color printer GIS Data Variety and a plethora People All good, but need you!

6 GIS Software Data entry from a variety of sources
Digitizing Scanning Text files Data management tools Building data sets Editing spatial features & attributes Mapping

7 GIS Software Thematic mapping Data analysis Map layout Displaying
Symbolizing Combing layers Data analysis Map layout Soft and Hard copies Titles, scale bars, north arrows, other elements

8 History of GIS 2nd century B.C. Early computers Dr. Roger Tomlinson
“Father of GIS” Canada

9 History of GIS 1969: Laura & Jack Dangermond
Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI)

10 So, what can it do? Land use planning, environmental management, business marketing, sociological analysis, etc. Elk Habitat Study (p. 4)

11 Terms to know Aspatial data Spatial data Layers
Not tied permanently to House address Spatial data Tied to a specific location on the Earth’s surface Layers Single file of related objects

12 Projects…yes, you will do one!
It’s 50% of your grade, so it’s important. Identify additional project needs Identify project needs Develop suitable model Evaluate data Correct data Obtain more data? Collect required data Perform analysis Evaluate results Present results

13 It’s not as difficult as it seems!
Planning a GIS Project Decide on a topic of interest. Formulate a specific question Decide on an approach/model to use Determine data (layer available?) Write a proposal It’s not as difficult as it seems!

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