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1 L’Auvergne

2 Volcanoes in Auvergne The Puy De Dôme is the most important Volcano in Auvergne.

3 In the background it’s “Le Puy Pariou”  

4 This is Le Puy de Sancy. It’s the highest volcano in Auvergne (1886 m

5 It’s Le Puy de La Vache

6 This water is made in Auvergne 15 kms from Clermont Ferrand
Volvic Mineral Water This water is made in Auvergne 15 kms from Clermont Ferrand

7 Cheese ! These are typical cheese : La Fourme d’Ambert
Le Saint-Nectaire Le Bleu d’Auvergne La Fourme d’Ambert Le Cantal Yum-Yum !

8 ASM ( = Association Sportive Montferrandaise )
It’s a very very important Rugby team in Clermont-Ferrand which is the capital of Auvergne. They were the Rugby French Champion (Clermont-Ferrand is 50 kms far from Bellerive/Vichy).

9 Michelin Michelin is the first producer of tyres in the World !
The Michelin tyres are made in Clermont-Ferrand.

10 Vichy

11 Vichy tourism Vichy is in the center of France

12 The bridge There is a bridge over the river Allier between Vichy on the right and Bellerive on the left.

13 The commercial center This is the commercial center of Vichy It is called “Les quatre chemins”;

14 The town In Vichy, the stores are opened 7 days a week, including on Sundays and holidays ! There are over 500 shops in the heart of the town, cinemas, casinos, bars, restaurants easily accessible thanks to a lot of car parks.

15 Vichy Parks Need to relax, want to breathe ... Vichy is at the heart of a huge garden of 140 acres of parks, located close to the spa center and commercial center.

16 Parks of Allier « Les parcs de l’Allier », with Napoleon III Park and Kennedy Park, were created when Napoleon III visited Vichy from 1862 to They include about exotic trees, representing over 220 varieties.

17 Gardens Many squares, gardens or green spaces aerate and decorate the urban landscape.

18 Opera This is Vichy Opera.

19 Vichy Specialities "Les Pâtes de fruits de Vichy" are made of sugar cane and they are rich in minerals. There are all sorts of different flavours.

20 "Les Pastilles de Vichy" "Les Pastilles de Vichy" are white octagonal candies. They were invented by a chemist in 1825 to help digestion. There are a lot of sorts of flavours : mint, orange, lemon and aniseed.

21 "La comtesse de Vichy" "La Comtesse de Vichy" is a cheese made of unpastherized cow's milk and whole cow milk. It's exported all over the world.

22 Vichy cosmetics Vichy Cosmetics for women and men are part of l'Oreal group, They are well-known and the plant has existed in Vichy since

23 "La soupe Vichysoise "La soupe Vichyssoise" is a nice soup made of potatoes and leeks.

24 "Vichy Célestins" "Vichy Célestins" is a brand of mineral water. The thermal spring is called "Les Célestins" and is situated in the center of Vichy town, by the river Allier. It spurts out at 17.3°C and it is naturally sparkling water. It's good for your disgestion and your complexion.

25 The springs of Vichy



28 3 Thermal baths in Vichy There are 3 Thermals baths : « Callou ,« Le Dôme » and « Les Célestins »

29 The « Callou » thermal baths.
The two-stars Callou Thermal baths.They were built in 1990, with a capacity of tourists a year. There is a footbridge which connects The Ibis Hotel and the spa.

30 The « Dome » thermal baths.
The three-stars Dôme Thermal baths. They were build in 1935 in neo- mauresque style, and renewed in 1991.

31 The « Célestins » thermal baths.
These thermal baths have four stars. They opened in The hotel has 2 restaurants and a fitness center. It is luxurious and modern, in the heart of the parks.

32 Vichy History

33 Napoléon III in Vichy Napoléon III ordered « Le Parc des Sources » to be built, in Vichy in Then he went to Vichy in 1861.

34 Saint Louis Church Moreover, in 1861, he ordered Saint Louis Church to be constructed...

35 Saint Blaise Church Napoléon III ordered Saint Blaise Church to be constructed in because the Saint Louis Church was too small.

36 « Le Casino » and « l'Opéra »
« Le Casino » and « l'Opéra » were finished in 1903.

37 The Town Hall and the Station
In1863, he inaugurated Vichy Town Hall and the station.

38 Napoléon III Park  « Napoléon III Park »was built in 1863 to embellish the city.

39 Vichy during the Second World War
Vichy became the politic capital of France , in 1940, because the German were occupying Paris. But, after The Second World War and the armistice was signed on May 8th 1945 and Paris was the politic capital of France again.

40 « Le commissariat Général aux Questions Juives »
In1941, « Le Commissariat Général aux Questions Juives » to enforce the anti- Semitic law in Vichy.

41 Le Méréchal Pétain On July 10th 1941, Pétain became the leader of the Vichy Government.

42 Bellerive sur Allier

43 Town Hall Bellerive-sur-Allier is situated in « Le départment de l'Allier » and in Auvergne region. The inhabitants are called « Bellerivois » and « Bellerivoises ». It is 19.0 km² and there are about inhabitants, Bellerive-sur-Allier is situated 2 kms south- west of Vichy. Located 271 meters high, the river Allier crosses Bellerive-sur-Allier nd separates Vichy from Bellerive-sur-Allier. The town is about 15 kms from Livradois regional park. The Mayor of Bellerive-sur-Allier is called Jean-Michel GUERRE. In the past, Bellerive-Sur-Allier used to be called Vesse, but on January 23th, 1903, Vesse became Bellerive-Sur-Allier. Our school is called « le Collège Jean Rostand» and it is situated in Bellerive-sur-Allier.

44 Next to our « college » le COSEC is a sports complex.
Sometimes we practice sports with school there. You can choose among eight activities : handball, basketball,volleyball, judo, fighting, badmington, dancing, gymnastics.

45 The swimming pool of bellerive
•Here is the swimming-pool of Bellerive-sur-Allier •The swimming pool opened in 2009 •It is 2150 square meters. •There is an olympic size swimming-pool and a Jacuzzi. • Michael Phelps came to swim in this swimming pool in and he may come again

46 Bellerive Racecourse •Here is the Racecourse of Bellerive - Vichy
•It is 53 hectares. •In 1875 the first races took place •There are galloping and trotting races •There are many restaurants inside

47 Le Centre omnisports A lot of sports can be practiced : -dancing
The « centre omnisports » is very large,120 hectares. A lot of sports can be practiced : -dancing -gymnastic -archery -climbing -fencing -athletics -boxing -judo -soccer -rugby -tennis -petanque -kayaking

48 Le C.R.E.P.S Le CREPS : It’s a very large sports center inside « le centre Omnisports ». You can practice golf, archery, athletics, boxing and many other sports. There are two gyms, a library and studio apartments for future professionals.

49 Mini Bolides This circuit was created in The championship of France took place there with an official visit of the French Federation of Mini Bolides

50 La J.A.V :) La JAV= Jeanne d'Arc de Vichy is a famous basketball team well-known in Vichy. Many American players are part of this team.

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