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Larabee/Stager Grants to Educators GRANT WRITING TIPS.

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1 Larabee/Stager Grants to Educators GRANT WRITING TIPS

2 Important Dates January 15, 2009 June 15, 2009

3 Section by section… Project Summary (10 points) Purpose and Need (20 points) Implementation (20 points) Evaluation (10 points) Budget (20 points) Future Support (10 points) Dissemination (10 points)

4 Project Summary Two or three sentences describing the project. -Include the name of the school or district & any other partners, what you hope to accomplish and whom the project will benefit.

5 Purpose and Need Provide a clear statement of need. Example: Fifth grade special needs students in our school spend an average of one hour per week on science Let us know who will participate in the program and why you chose those participants. Provide school demographics: # of students, % free and reduced lunches, at-risk populations

6 Need continued Provide school or classroom achievement data, where appropriate, to demonstrate why your school needs this program. Provide a two or three sentence purpose for this funding. List the goals in outline form. Example: (1) Fifth grade students on IEPS will increase the number of hours studying science.

7 Implementation Provide a timeline & chart of activities you’ll accomplish, who will participate and what goals will be met. Mar 09Apr 09May 09Jun 09 Participants3 rd grade teachers Grade 3 students Grade 3 students & teachers Standard/Ind icator met Life Science: Div of Life 2 & 3 Life Science: Div of Life 2, 3 & 6 Activity/GoalInv. 3 FOSS (Crayfish) 3 hours Inv. 3 FOSS (Crayfish) 1.5 weeks Inv. 3 FOSS (Crayfish) 1.5 weeks Field trip to Side Cut park FacilitatorMrs. Green Foster/Myles Heather Norris

8 Write a detailed paragraph explaining your chart. List any teachers/facilitators who will lead instruction and their qualifications. Implementation continued

9 Evaluation Explain the types of assessments you’ll use to measure success. Example: written tests, projects, science journals, surveys, interviews, attendance figures List your goals again and address your plan to meet each of them. Explain when and how will the data be collected.

10 Budget Provide specific information (an itemized list) for each category in your narrative. Supplies: Copy paper - $25, Crayfish for 10 groups - $50, etc. The “Contractual” line items can be used for field trip or outreach program expenses, external evaluators – anyone outside the school you are paying.

11 Future Support Explain your plan to continue this program once the original funding runs out. Provide ideas from where you will seek funding (Parents Club $, a community sponsor, other grants)

12 Future Support continued Provide ways your school will invest in the program. Examples: district will buy crayfish, current teachers will mentor new teachers, release time will be given for additional professional development

13 Dissemination Explain how you will share your project success with other teachers, schools and the community. Ideas: Science night, Open House, staff in-service, uploading pictures and information on your school or teacher website, contacting the school or community newspaper, a press release of your project

14 Dissemination continued Awardees are required to present their project or an activity from the project at one of the following NWO events: NWO/COSMOS Inquiry Summit in April. Submit a proposal to present at the November NWO Symposium. Submit a proposal to present at the Future Teacher Conference. (This year’s is in Feb.)

15 That’s all there is to it! Mail five copies of your proposal to us c/o Dr. Midden. You may submit your proposal to Michelle Klinger ( electronically on or before the due date. You may expect a response to your proposal within 30 days.

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