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Global Climate Change's Effects On Agriculture

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1 Global Climate Change's Effects On Agriculture
Alexander Kirchner Larissa Shewczyk Lee Welhouse

2 Crop Background Wheat Varieties: Winter Wheat, Spring Wheat Soy Corn

3 Variables Only Atmospheric Effects Surface Air Temperature
Total Cloud Cover Precipitation Snow and Ice Coverage

4 Overall Results

5 Overall Results

6 Results: Winter Wheat Effects of temperature and changes in snow and ice cover during the winter months Increased growing area to the north as winters become relatively milder Increased Spring precipitation should reduce crop yields

7 Results: Soy Changes In Growing Season
Decrease in spring snow and ice coverage allows for earlier planting Resiliency allows for adaptation Due to soy’s resiliency it is able to thrive despite increasing temperatures and generally decreasing trends in summer precipitation

8 Results: Corn and Spring Wheat
Total crop yield should increase Favorable conditions for increased crop yield Extended growing season in northern region of Corn Belt ~1 or 2 weeks Warmer spring temps., reduced snow and ice coverage

9 Conclusions Expected extended growing season for crops
Numerous forcings leads to uncertainty in expected crop yields Other aspects of climate change’s effects on agriculture that can be studied

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