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IS112 – Class 01 Computer Organization and Programming Professor Catherine Dwyer.

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1 IS112 – Class 01 Computer Organization and Programming Professor Catherine Dwyer

2 IS112 - Computer Organization Agenda Inside a computer Evaluating Internet Research Your strategies for uncovering biased information Chapter 1 topics Discussion topics for next class

3 IS112 - Computer Organization Student Site for Text Student username is sa3e Student password is Unicode

4 IS112 - Computer Organization Inside a computer See White pp. 12-13 Identify the parts of a computer Processor Hard drive Bios bus

5 IS112 - Computer Organization Evaluating Internet Research Internet has quickly become primary medium for distributing technical information Volumes of information available Searcher must take on role of editor/filter

6 IS112 - Computer Organization Diversity of information Information is a commodity available in many flavors Varies greatly in accuracy, reliability and value Information exists on a continuum of reliability and quality Is created for many purposes – to inform, to persuade, to sell, to present a viewpoint, to create or change an attitude or belief

7 IS112 - Computer Organization Screening information Clarify purpose of your research Get new ideas, find support for specific position, survey information? Select reliable sources 2001/Resources/ResourcesTopFrames.htm 2001/Resources/ResourcesTopFrames.htm

8 IS112 - Computer Organization What to look for in a source Reliable research sites are more likely to have the following information: Author’s name, title or position Author’s organizational affiliation Date of page creation or version Author’s contact information

9 IS112 - Computer Organization Evaluating information IS professionals are paid to make decisions Basing a decision on unreliable information invariably leads to problems Source evaluation (determining reliability of information) is something of an art Not based a single litmus test, instead requires inference from a collection of clues or indicators

10 IS112 - Computer Organization CARS Checklist Credibility Trustworthy source, author’s credentials, evidence of quality control Accuracy Up to date, factual, detailed Reasonableness Fair, balanced, objective, reasoned Support Listed sources, contact information, documentation

11 IS112 - Computer Organization Your strategies for uncovering biased information What experience do you have filtering information Example of biased web site? Example of objective web site?

12 IS112 - Computer Organization Summary of Ch. 1 Technical knowledge of computer hardware and systems software is required to develop information systems. Technical knowledge also is required to manage the computer resources of an organization. Technical knowledge constantly must be updated due to changes in hardware and software technology.

13 IS112 - Computer Organization Summary (cont.) Information about computer hardware and software is readily available on the World Wide Web. An understanding of computer technology is necessary. Computer knowledge can be updated through reading periodicals, using Web sites and joining professional societies.

14 IS112 - Computer Organization Questions Has the process for deciding on computer systems become easier or harder over the last few years? What consequences can there be for a poor choice for a business?

15 IS112 - Computer Organization What technical skills should you focus on? Go to for description of IT positions and technical requirements

16 IS112 - Computer Organization Next class Meet Tuesday 10/2 Reading: Burd – ch. 2, White p. 201- 207 First homework due Discussion topic White reading on system bus – “backwards compatibility” is a significant factor in system bus design. Why?

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