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SOSC 200Y Gender and Society Lecture 12: Women Sexuality.

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1 SOSC 200Y Gender and Society Lecture 12: Women Sexuality

2 L12: 18.10.06 Sex (sexual relations) One of the most intimate aspects of our lives –An expression of love –A means to establish bonding Self identification –A way of clarifying our manliness or womanliness –A way of identifying our maturity Power struggle –Between girlfriend and boyfriend –Between husband and wives –A show of aggression (rape)

3 L12: 18.10.06 Sex (cont’) Guided under the social, cultural and religious norms –‘good’ sex vs ‘bad’ sex –‘normal’ relationships vs ‘abnormal’ relationships –‘holy’ relationships vs ‘sinful’ relationships –‘healthy’ practices vs ‘sick’ practices E.g. sex within marriage, pre-marital sex, extra-marital sex, monogamous, polygamous, heterosexual couples, lesbian and gay couples, promiscuous gay men, long- term relationships, casual relationships, masturbation, cross-generational, transsexuals, commercial sex, etc.

4 L12: 18.10.06 Sexual practicesMaleFemale Pre-marital sex Extra-marital sex One-night stand Homosexual Masturbation Cross-generational sex Buying commercial sex Selling commercial sex

5 L12: 18.10.06 Sexology A ‘science’ of sex (scientific and systematic study of sexuality) From religious and moral doctrine to scientific reasoning Starting from late 19 th C. (20 th & 21 st C. phenomenon) DisciplinesTopics -Biology Sexual behaviour of other animals -Medicine Sex organs, sexually transmitted diseases -Psychology Development of sexual orientation and behaviour -Statistic The practice of sex and other sexual behaviour -Criminology Sexual abuse, sex additions, sexual offences

6 L12: 18.10.06 Sexology (cont’) The association of sexuality with ‘nature’ –Sexuality is determined by the biological and psychological make-up of human beings –Sex is a basic human drive or force –Sex as a natural urge (males have uncontrollable sexual urges) –Sexual intercourse as animal courtship (reduce the main function of sex to reproduction)

7 L12: 18.10.06 Sexology (cont’) The primacy of heterosexuality –Genital sex is the only type of healthy, natural, normal and proper sex –Ideally, sex should take place in a long-term relationship (best arrangement to nurture the next-generation)

8 L12: 18.10.06 Sexual revolution A change of sexual behavior (equalizing sexual behavior) Occur during 1960s and 1970s –Trigger point: development of birth control pill –Practices of pre-martial sex and masturbation –Emphasize on the pressure of sex Remerged during the late 1990s –Against the compulsory heterosexuality –Lesbianism as an way to resist the patriarchal domination

9 L12: 18.10.06 Suggested Readings: Abbott, Pamel et al. (2005) An Introduction to Sociology: Feminist Perspectives (3/e). London: Routledge, ch.8

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