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Types of Gerund Phrases

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1 Types of Gerund Phrases

2 Basic Info about Gerunds and Gerund Phrases
Gerunds - words that look like verbs and act like a nouns. You can spot a gerund by looking for a verb + ing that is acting as a noun. Swimming is fun. Swim is a verb. Swimming is a verb with ing. In this sentence swimming is acting as a noun. Gerund Phrases- contains a gerund and words that modify and complement it. Running marathons is my favorite activity.

3 Types of gerunds There are 4 types of gerund phrases Subjects
Predicate Nominative Direct object Object of preposition

4 Gerunds as Subjects A gerund (or gerund phrase) can be the subject of a sentence. Gardening is my favorite leisure activity. The gerund Gardening is the subject of the sentence. Decorating our house has been a family tradition at Christmas for years. Decorating our house is the gerund phrase that is the subject of the sentence. Roaring filled the air at the track. Roaring is a gerund used as the subject. Usually found at the beginning of the sentence.

5 Gerunds as Predicate Nominative
Most of it was cheering. Cheering is a gerund used as the predicate nominative. Gerund as a predicate nominative is a noun found in the predicate. A predicate nominative completes the meaning of a linking verb.

6 Gerunds as Direct Objects
Mary hates biting her fingernails. Biting her finger nails is the gerund phrase. It is a direct object in this sentence. Remember direct objects can be found by: subject +verb+ who or what (direct object)? Mary=subject, hates= verb, Mary hates what? = biting her fingernails (direct object). We could hear thundering. Thundering is a gerund used as a direct object. Receives the action of the verb.

7 Gerunds as Objects of Preposition
When the cars entered the track, we turned our attention toward racing. Racing is the gerund used as the object of the preposition. Make sure it is in a prepositional phrase by finding the preposition.

8 Practice: Find the gerund phrase and determine the type.
Hours of editing the newspaper ruined their day. Hanging pictures on the wall was more difficult than she had anticipated. Try to slip away without telling your friends about it. Each afternoon Tom enjoyed swimming a few laps. Winning at poker makes Matt feel important. I am demoting the officer for disobeying orders. Without studying for the test, you are taking a big risk. Abby is enjoying listening to Rolling Stones’ music.

9 Practice Partner Work: Write sentences using the following gerunds.
Be sure to write one sentence for each type of gerund phrase: Subject, Predicate Nominative, Direct Objects, Objects of Preposition. Asking Leaping Swinging Diving Marching Tumbling Flying Skipping Twirling

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