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1 Learning and Professional Development Class 4 September 24, 2009.

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1 1 Learning and Professional Development Class 4 September 24, 2009

2 2 Adult Learners Ground new material in the familiar Learning must be practical Engage different learning tactics

3 3 Who Learns and Who Doesn’t? People fail to learn because: They avoid challenging opportunities They stick with what is comfortable They use inappropriate learning tactics They don’t take advantage of learning opportunities They don’t apply new knowledge in a timely fashion How people learn and what they learn are inextricably bound.

4 4 How Development Occurs Experience Based Learning Relationship Based Learning Education Based Learning Projects/ AssignmentsBossesCourses JobsColleagues Seminars/ Conferences HardshipsMentorsTraining Programs Community ServiceCoachese/Distance Learning

5 5 What Contributes to Development? - Center for Creative Leadership Challenging Assignments 48% Other Events 17% Significant Other People 17% Hardships 18%

6 6 “In-Place” Development Is guided by the manager –Create appropriate development activities that generate success in the current role –Explore job enrichment and job enlargement opportunities –Identify and address skill gaps –Monitor progress

7 7 Career Development Is owned and driven by the employee –Utilize available career resources to plan one’s own career For example: career development workshops, one’s manager, web research, informational interviews, volunteering –May align with, or differ dramatically from, one’s current job

8 8 A Model of Career Development First step: Looking Inward –At yourself first Second step: Looking Outward –At the realities around you Third step: Looking Forward –At your goals and next steps

9 9 Looking Inward includes: Work Values Interests Skills Reputation

10 10 Looking Outward at the world of work, includes: What’s going on in your work environment and profession? –Relevant economic and workplace trends Do you have the skills you need? How do you know? Your network

11 11 Looking Forward at goals and next steps, includes: Identifying questions and options Setting short- and long-term goals Determining next steps and how you can get moving on them

12 12 Professional and Career Development Vignette At your table, please read the case and decide on a course of action using concepts from today’s class. You’ll have 15-20 minutes in your table group and 2 minutes to report out.

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