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A Quest for the Holy Land

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1 A Quest for the Holy Land
THE CRUSADES A Quest for the Holy Land

2 Crusades A long series or Wars between Christians and Muslims
They fought over control of Jerusalem which was called the Holy Land because it was the region where Jesus had lived, preached and died


4 Causes of the Crusades

5 The Call to Arms Pope Urban II called for the defeat of the Turks, returning the Holy Land to the Christians

6 Who Answered the Call? Feudal Lords Knights Peasants

7 The First Crusade (1096-1099) Peasant army Knights Untrained
Lacked military equipment Many killed by Muslim Turks Knights Succeeded in capturing Jerusalem

8 Second Crusade ( ) After victory many Christians went back home. The Turks eventually took back much of the territory. King of France and Emperor of Germany sent troops to stop the Turks.

9 Second Crusade ( ) Saladin leads the Muslim Turks to victory, defeating the Christians * He was considered a very wise ruler. He was known for his sometimes kind treatment of fallen enemies. Many Christians saw him as a model of knightly chivalry.

10 Third Crusade ( ) King Richard of England convinces the Turks to allow Christians to visit the Holy Land

11 Crusades Continue Through 1200’s
Several more crusades attempted with no victories for the Christians Children’s crusade, - 30,000 soldiers - many of them under 12 years old – Never made it to the Holy Land

12 Results of the Crusades
I.F. Turks Traveled they would Trade I = Improvements – Ships, Maps, Explorers F = Feudalism declines because Feudal lords die or spend too much money on military. T = Turks still rule the Holy Land T = Travel – Europeans want to travel more T = Trade – Europeans want product from the East such as sugar, cotton, silk, spices, etc.

13 The Crusades: A 7 minute Clip

14 Assignment: Crusades Game or Recruitment Poster
Use your notes and the textbook pages to create either a recruitment poster or a crusades board game. Your project should include: A definition of the crusades. A map of the crusades. The four causes of the crusades. Pope Urban’s call for defeat of the Turks to return the. holy land top the Christians. Who answered or needs to answer the call. A description of all four crusades. The results of the crusades.

15 Assignment: Game or Poster
The Game Requirements and Materials: 10 points The Recruitment Poster Requirements and Materials: 10 points You will be provided with a sheet of paper and one dice to play. All writing must be on the game. You may want to establish rules on the back. You can design your game however you want, but consequences and game advancement should be based on circumstances/events that would have actually happened. Be creative, your project should be colorful For full credit make sure that 1-7 above are included in your game You will be provided with a sheet of paper. You are trying to entice Christians to join the last crusade, so use language that is persuasive! You will need have a place on your recruitment poster that gives a history of the previous crusades

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