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Uli Schäfer 1 JEM: Status and plans Pre-Production modules Status Plans.

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1 Uli Schäfer 1 JEM: Status and plans Pre-Production modules Status Plans

2 Uli Schäfer 2 Modular design, nearly identical to JEM 1.2 (bug fixes only) Sum processor XC2V2000 Jet processor XC2V3000 4 input modules (IM) TTCdec module Control Module (CM) CAN VME control Fan-out of configuration lines G-link readout module (RM) Pre-production: JEM1.3

3 Uli Schäfer 3 Pre-production daughter modules Input module 1.1 has added Vcc sensing via SMB bus and improved ground shield connections on SAMTEC sockets Readout module is the one that has been successfully used during the last few RAL tests, no modification required Control module 1.2 is currently under test. Previous design modified to allow for an additional FPGA configuration path : VME  JTAG

4 Uli Schäfer 4 Post-PRR JEM tests So far two test sessions at RAL in 2006  Latency reduction in input processor and jet processor  LVDS input cable mapping (FCAL mapping, tested w. PPM)  Modification of VME configuration path into FPGAs (JTAG) Further tests required.

5 Uli Schäfer 5 Towards pre-production tests : JEM inventory 4 JEM 1.0 main boards available 3 are fully working, 1 has short on TTCdec module connector (re-work possible) 1 JEM 1.1 main board, ok, except some LVDS links (re- work possible) 1 JEM 1.2 main board, fully working, 3 tracks needed to be fixed 16 working input modules available 4 working G-link modules available 1 ‘final’ control module available (required on JEM versions >1.0)

6 Uli Schäfer 6 JEM inventory – modules due soon Four JEMs under production: 4 JEM 1.3 main boards 16 Input 1.1 modules 4 G-link modules Due to tight schedule four control modules will be produced in-house as soon as design is verified

7 Uli Schäfer 7 Plans JEMs and daughter modules back from manufacturer next week Mechanical assembly and tests 2 weeks minimum Mechanical issue with JEM handles not yet resolved Where to test one crate of JEMs with LVDS inputs and readout into ROD ? JEM volume production 30 working days Production tests 2 weeks minimum  Production JEMs at CERN beginning of June

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