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Special Education Program Implementation Update Susan B. Mitchell Director of Special Education February 10, 2009.

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1 Special Education Program Implementation Update Susan B. Mitchell Director of Special Education February 10, 2009

2 Purpose of Presentation Provide an update on Special Education programs and services Review Special Education costs Provide an update on recommendations from Fiscal Crisis and Management Assistance Team report completed in August 2006 Program Recommendations for school year

3 Special Education History Prior to 1975 (Special Education not required) 100,000+ students out of school Federal Law created due to several lawsuits Public Law P.L (1975) Free and Appropriate Public Education Child Find Provision Reauthorization Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA) 1997 Individually designed services Participate and make progress in General Education Accountability Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (known as IDEA 2004) Focus on Accountability Focus on Improving educational results and functional outcomes Emphasis on reading, math and science with heightened responsibilities for general and special education collaboration Scientifically researched strategies and Response to Intervention (RtI)

4 Numbers/Percentages Served California Basic Educational Data System (CBEDS) (K-22) K-22 Pupil Count 0-22 Total Pupil Count Special Education % K-22 Alameda , , % Alameda ,3151,0001, % Alameda ,1831,0171, %

5 High Cost Disabilities, 3-22 Emotional disturbance (ED) % of Pupil Count Autism% of Pupil count Low Incidence % of Pupil Count Alameda %867.60%282.57% Alameda %948.29%564.94% Alameda % % %

6 What are the costs? (07-08) Total Special Education Revenue: $8,132,263 Base Revenue: $1,861,510 Total Revenue: $9,993,773 Expenditures ($15,449,224) General Fund Contribution $5,455,451 General Fund % of Expenditures 35.31% (of $15,449,224)

7 08-09 Anticipated General Fund Contribution Increase $1,862,321 Increase Why? Lack of available personnel Contracted Speech Therapists Contracted Behavioral Support Services New teachers requiring on-going support Increased complexity of student needs Autism and Emotional Disturbance Increase in paraprofessional support Increase in cost for transportation services

8 Fiscal Crisis & Management Assistance Team (FCMAT) Report Team visited and interviewed District in April 2006 Report completed in August recommendations Program Efficiency and Delivery Staffing Non-Public Schools / Non-Public Agency Costs Transportation Legal Accounting Processes Special Education Local Plan Agency Reorganization

9 Progress to Date: AreasYesNoIn ProgressItems Program Efficiency & Delivery Staffing Non-Public Schools/ Non-Public Agencies Transportation Legal Accounting Processes 5 5 Reorganization 3 3 Total

10 Program Efficiency & Delivery Progress to Date : Continuum of Special Education Programs Resource Specialist Programs & Related Services Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe Special Day Classes Counseling Enriched Classes (CEC) (3 rd -12 th grades) Continuum of Autism Programs Inclusion (K-12) BRIDGE Program (K-8) Elementary Autism Supported Inclusion (EASI) Intensive Special Day Class (Preschool-8 th grade)

11 Program Efficiency & Delivery Progress to Date: One-to-One Instructional Assistance Specialized Health Care Medi-Cal and Medi-Cal Administrative Activities (MAA) Billing

12 Program & Efficiency Next Steps: Build the infrastructure of existing programs to Expansion of existing programs Counseling Enriched Classes Intensive needs autism high school class to Develop new district programs Center-Based early intervention program Expansion of services for year olds

13 Staffing Progress to Date: August 2008-New Lead Speech/Language Therapist job position September 2008: 4 - District Speech Therapists 8 - Non-Public Agency Speech Therapists January Additional District Speech Therapists, replacing Non-Public Agency staff

14 Staffing Progress to Date: New Special Education Teachers Require mentoring, training and staff development Behavior Specialist Job posted and in process of interviewing School Psychologists High workload to meet assessment, behavioral and counseling demands Occupational Therapists Two District Occupational Therapists Additional positions provided by Non-Public Agency Special Education Nurse Provided by Non-Public Agency

15 Staffing Next Steps: Recruit and Hire: District Speech Therapists Highly Qualified Special Education Teachers Additional School Psychologist Additional Occupational Therapist District Special Education Nurse Continue to provide mentoring, training and staff development

16 Non-Public Schools & Non-Public Agencies Costs Non-Public Schools- $1,436,900 Projected increase- $150,000 Non-Public Agencies - $840,800 Projected increase- $285,000

17 Non-Public Schools Progress to Date: Slight decline in number of students but cost per student has increased Next Steps: Review all placements to determine which students are ready to return to district programs School Year# of Students

18 High Cost Non-Public Agency Services Progress to Date: High Costs continue for the following Non-Public Agency Services: Behavioral Support Services Provide training to staff Provide behavioral support to classes Develop functional analysis assessments Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Occupational Therapy Services

19 Non-Public School and Non- Public Agency Costs Next Steps: Continuum of District Special Education Programs to reduce number of students placed in Non-Public Schools: Autism Emotional Disturbance Moderate/Severe Disabilities District Special Education positions to reduce dependency on Non-Public Agencies: Hire behavior specialist Additional psychologist Additional occupational therapist Special Education Nurse

20 Transportation Progress to Date : New transportation company Cost- $1.4M Next Steps: Reduce costs Consolidate routes Explore options

21 AUSD Special Education Provide students Free and Appropriate Public Education in the Least Restrictive Environment Compliance Highly Qualified Staff Partnership with General Education Partnership with Parents Fiscal Responsibility

22 Summary How do we build the infrastructure of existing programs? Hire District staff to reduce dependency on Non-Public Agencies Speech Therapists Behavior Specialist Additional Psychologist Additional Occupational Therapist Half-time District Special Education Nurse Cost Neutral because District is currently paying Non- Public Agencies for these services that support our existing programs.

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