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Berlin: History, Politics, and Culture German 491 Political Science 491 History 491.

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1 Berlin: History, Politics, and Culture German 491 Political Science 491 History 491

2 Course Instructors Dr. Matthew Lange (Languages and Literatures) Dr. Peter Wagner (Political Science)

3 Course Overview This course will examine Berlin's role in German, European and even international history, culture and politics. Knowledge of German is NOT required. The course has two components: –an in-country upper division class (schedule in a moment) and –a travel study to Berlin, May 24 through June 7

4 German Language Although helpful, knowledge of German is not required. As a major international destination and European capital, Berlin is multilingual. English is the operative language in many places, especially in tourist areas. Pre-departure instruction will include survival phrases and tips to cope with the language barrier.

5 Course Grade Criteria Attendance and Participation (30%) Seminar Paper (30%) Presentation (20%) Daily Trip Journal (20%)

6 Course Costs INCLUDED: –Lodging (shared double room) –Transportation (RT airfare from ORD and public transportation in Berlin) –All breakfasts and two dinners (minus beverages) –Admissions to venues, tours etc. –Mandatory trip health insurance fee Estimated total $2,500 (subject to change depending on final airfare, number of participants and currency rate changes). A $300 deposit is due by 14 December 2007, and the remaining amount will be charged on your spring semester student bill, which must be paid before departure.

7 Costs Not Included in Fee NOT INCLUDED: (additional $250-$400) Most meals ($10/lunch and $15/dinner per day) Beverages and between-meal snacks (cost varies) Any passport fees if you do not have a passport Transportation to/from ORD Personal items and any souvenirs

8 Course Meetings During the spring semester we meet every other Monday for a total of eight meetings. January 28 – Overview and Discussion of Paper Topics February 11– 1701–1870: Prussia and Hohenzollern Dynasty February 25 – 1871–1918: German Unification and Second Reich March 10 – 1919–1932: Weimar Republic March 24 – 1933–1945: Third Reich and World War II April 7 – 1946–1989: Cold War and the Berlin Wall April 21 – 1990–: Reunification and the “Berlin Republic” May 5 – Oral Reports and Pre-Departure Orientation The travel component of the course is planned for Sunday, May 25, 2008 through Saturday, June 7, 2008

9 Travel Component The actual trip will begin when we depart from Chicago O’Hare (ORD) in the afternoon of Sunday, May 25, 2008. You are responsible for transportation to ORD, whether this be with parents, friends, of the Van Galder bus.

10 Lodging in Berlin Hotel Berlin Imperial Lietzenburger Straße 79-81 10719 Berlin Arrangements are in two-bed rooms (same sex) Breakfast is provided

11 Transportation in Berlin We will rely exclusively on public transportation (bus, subway, tram) and our own feet to navigate Berlin and surrounding areas. Each of us will be issued and will carry a ticket that is valid on all public transportation Warning: we will walk potentially five miles per day as well.

12 Food in Berlin We will have two group dinners, upon arrival and before departure. Breakfast is provided in the hotel. Lunch and dinner is on your own, but Berlin has countless options. By shopping for snack items in the supermarket, you can save quite a bit of money. Vegetarians will have some problems with German cuisine, but there are Italian or Asian options.

13 Food in Berlin (cont’d)

14 Weather The climate in Berlin is comparable to Whitewater. Average temperatures at the end of May and beginning of June range from lows around 50°F to highs around 70°F. It might rain a few times as well.

15 Intensity Most days you will need to be up by 7:00 am, and we leave the hotel after breakfast, about 9:00 am. We will conclude most of our days in the late afternoon or early evening, at which time you are free until the next morning. During this time you can dine, make a diary entry, do laundry, check email, etc. The trip is fast-paced and tightly scheduled. We will visit several sites each day, and we will therefore be changing trains/buses and walking quickly.

16 Itinerary See the following website:

17 Next Steps Fill out an application with the International Education office (L2243). Get a passport if you do not have one. IMMEDIATELY! It can take 3 months for it to be processed and you cannot leave the US without one. Apply for financial aid & scholarships.

18 Financial Aid and Scholarships The cost of a study tour counts as part of your financial aid package (Grants & Loans). There are also scholarships available. Students should contact the International Education and Programs Office or the Financial Aid Office for scholarship and grant applications As Soon As Possible. Absolute last date is November 15.

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