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Cytoskeleton IV Chapter 16. Mechanochemical cycle of myosin.

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1 Cytoskeleton IV Chapter 16

2 Mechanochemical cycle of myosin

3 DVD clip 74

4 Striated vs. smooth muscle cells

5 Thick and thin filaments in smooth muscle cells

6 Skeletal muscle cells form by the fusion of many muscle cell precursors called myoblasts 50 micrometers wide, several cm long

7 Skeletal muscle cells in rats showing blue stained nuclei

8 Skeletal Muscle Myofibrils

9 Closeup of two sarcomeres

10 Schematic diagram showing components of dark and light bands

11 Insect flight muscle viewed in cross section show myosin and actin packed together

12 Sliding filament model of muscle contraction

13 Accessory proteins in a sarcomere

14 Ion Channels at Neuromuscular Junction

15 Ca2+ release channel is opened by transmembrane protein in tubule

16 Two membrane system that relays signal to contract muscle cells

17 Electron micrograph showing 2 T tubules

18 Muscle contraction is controlled by troponin troponin can pull tropomyosin of myosin binding sites

19 Ca 2+ relieves tropomyosin blockage

20 Cell Cycle and Programmed Cell Death Chapter 17




24 The cell cycle can be studied in a cell free system

25 The cell cycle is often studied in immortalized mammalian cell lines




29 Activation of a cyclin dependent kinase

30 CdK activity can be suppressed by inhibitory phosphorylation

31 CdK activity can be suppressed by inhibitory proteins


33 Cell fusion experiments

34 Assembly of pre-replicative complex during G1 phase

35 Entry into mitosis is blocked by incomplete DNA replication Hydroxyurea blocks DNA synthesis Caffeine causes failure of checkpoint





40 The Rb protein acts as a brake in mammalian cells



43 Overview of cell cycle control system

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