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What’s Completely New? Visual Studio Team System! Sean Puffett Developer Evangelist

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1 What’s Completely New? Visual Studio Team System! Sean Puffett Developer Evangelist

2 The Software Lifecycle What We’ve Heard “Building software today is very difficult” “My team is spread out and specialized” “Tools today don’t work well together” “I need to be able to predict the success of my projects” “My organization needs customizable process guidance”

3 Infrastructure Architect Project Manager Developer Tester Solution Architect Business Stakeholder Silos in the IT Lifecycle

4 Development Teams Infrastructure Architect Solution Architect Project Manager Developer Tester End User

5 Communication Barriers Pockets of information within disciplines Unclear delineation of responsibilities Conflicting best practices and architectures Conflicting strategic goals and objectives SolutionArchitect InfrastructureArchitect IT Operations doesn’t understand application structure Developers don’t understand operations policy Reduce complexity through operations knowledge Increase communication and collaboration via product integration

6 Expanding Visual Studio Increased Reliability Quality Early & Often Predictability & Visibility Design for Operations Project Manager Solution Architect Developer Tester Infrastructure Architect

7 Facilitates Communication Reduces Complexity Enables Partners Tools Tools

8 Visual Studio Team System Change ManagementWork Item TrackingReportingProject Site Visual Studio Team Foundation Server Integration ServicesProject Management Process and Architecture Guidance Dynamic Code Analyzer Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Architects Static Code AnalyzerCode ProfilerUnit TestingCode CoverageVisio and UML ModelingTeam Foundation ClientVS ProClass ModelingLoad TestingManual TestingTest Case ManagementApplication ModelingLogical Infra. ModelingDeployment Modeling Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Developers Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Testers Visual Studio Industry Partners

9 Team Architect Distributed Application Designer Whiteboard mode for application design Web Services Enhancements (WSE) support Validation against logical infrastructure Logical Infrastructure Designer Settings and constraints editor System Definition Model (SDM) generation and compiler Click-once support Class Designer Two-way code synchronization

10 Distributed System Designers Demo

11 Team Developer Static code analysis Support for managed and native code Code profiling Sequence view examines running threads GC view of object allocation and lifetime Caller-callee, callstack, and function views Code coverage Integrated unit testing and framework

12 Demo Code Creation and Unit Testing

13 Team Test Load testing Web services load testing via protocol-based script Load patterns: constant, step, custom Perf counter collection and threshold monitoring Test case management Application Verifier

14 Demo Web And Load Testing

15 Team Foundation Portfolio creation and navigation Project Creation Wizard Process editor for customized guidance Project management Microsoft Project and Excel integration Change management Branching, changesets, shelving Migration from PVCS, ClearCase, and VSS Reporting and analytics Project portal

16 Team System Partner Integration Improved shell extensibility model Source code control integration Plug-in and add-in integration Web services for lifecycle integration Share data with other lifecycle tools Published schemas for modeling “Shallow” extensibility for designers

17 Broad Industry Support

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