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2 KEY POINT Definition History of clinical pharmacy
What is the clinical pharmacy ? Evidence base . Therapeutic problem solving .

3 Key term and definitions
Board certification: the process by which a clinician specialist may be recognized as possessing a high level of knowledge about the specialty. Board of pharmacy specialties (BPS): The board that recognizes sets standard for and provide board certification in specific clinical specialties

4 Clinical pharmacist :An individual in any practices setting who provoides a substantial ampunt of direct pataint-orented care with emphasis on the science and practic of rational drug use . Clinical pharmacy : The area of pharmacy concerned with the science and practice of rational medication use .

5 Credentials: Documented evidence of professional qualifications .
Example: Academic degree State licensure Residency program certificate of completion .

6 CONT. EVIDENCE BASED : Refers to health care decisions that incorporate the best evidence currently available in the scientific literature and systemic study of what work best in pt population .

7 Fellowship : A to 3 yr research related experience
Usually clinical research Residancy: An orgnized and directed postgraduate training experience of 1-2 yr. that serves as abridge between education and practices . PGY1: general in nature and designed to expose to variety of practices area . PGY2 : more specialized in nature and prepare the resident to manage the medication therapy of specialty patients

8 History of clinical pharmacy
As early 1950s , health-system pharmacy poineers wre advocating that pharmacist go to pt. care area and create a clinical role including rounding with physician. by the 1970s to 1980s pharmacist in health system setting were creating many new clinical roles . Pharmacy organization began creating activities to enhance the clinical skills of pharmacist .

9 Cont. American Society of health system pharmacist then American Society of hospital pharmacist held conference directions for “ clinical practice in pharmacy “ in 1985

10 What is the clinical pharmacy?
American college of clinical pharmacy ACCP “ the area of pharmacy concerned with the science and practice of rational medication use .

11 The role Clinical pharmacists is provide patient care that optimizes medication therapy and promotes health , wellness and disease prevention .

12 VISION of JCCP Joint Commission of Pharmacy Practitioners (JCPP ) : pharmacists will be the health care professional responsible for providing patient care that ensures optimal medication therapy outcomes b\c the pharmacist : will have the authority and autonomy to manage medication therapy and will be accountable for patients therapeutic outcomes .

13 Ultimate goal……… every patient who needs the clinical drug knowledge and skill of the pharmacist does in fact receive the services .

14 Evidance based process
Best medication best evidence base Role of clinical pharmacy American pharmacist association (APhA) :state that pharmacist should be direct involved , evaluating , and implementing clinical guidelines for diseases . Analysis of literature and development of treatment guideline Clinical pharmacist must commit to lifelong learning and frequent assessment of literature to ensure that treatment approaches are the best possible for patient

15 Evidence based process
ASHP : In 2015 pharmacist in 90% hospital will be actively involved in provoiding care to individual pataint that based on evidance , such as use of quality drug information resources , published clincal studies or guidline and expert advise .

16 Therapeutic problem solving processes
Clinicians follow standard processes to evaluating patient

17 Cont.

18 CONT. other approach for pharmacist to organize their evolution to patient Clinical pharmacist recommendation (CPR) taxonomy : develop by pharmacist for clinical use to able compare clinical pharmacy intervention trial. Pharmacist management of drug related problems (PMDRP) : design for reduce variations in monitoring forums and focus more on identification and management of drug related problem

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