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Autochartist Automated Chart Pattern Identification.

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1 Autochartist Automated Chart Pattern Identification

2 Autochartist Chart Patterns: –Price fluctuations between psychological support and resistance levels (overbought / oversold levels). Scans all forex pairs, automatically detects technical chart patterns Fully automated – no human intervention Identifies both end-of-day and intraday patterns

3 Which Patterns Head and Shoulders Rectangles Channels Flags Pennants Symmetrical Triangles Ascending Triangles Descending Triangles Rising Wedges Falling Wedges Double Tops Double Bottoms Triple Tops Triple Bottoms

4 Benefits Being able to identify chart patterns with no prior experience Time saving Trade ideas Why Chart Patterns? Chart patterns are rooted in the theory of market psychology Chart patterns have been researched since the 1930s and are universally accepted by technical analysts All Technical Analysis literature refer to chart patterns, but none provide any help with identifying them

5 Autochartist Windows Application Resident on desktop – 24 hour streaming of new technical chart patterns Independent of any trading platform

6 Pattern Details

7 Prediction Region

8 Emerging Patterns

9 Using Chart Patterns Effectively Use a market direction indicator, for example: Moving Average Dont trade noise, trade psychology – longer patterns, longer time intervals Close bad trades earlier


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