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Chapter Hardwired vs Microprogrammed Control Multithreading

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1 Chapter 17 - 18 Hardwired vs Microprogrammed Control Multithreading
Multicore Computers Summary of Parallel Organizations Recap of Course Final Exam: Next Thursday- Same time / same place

2 Hardwired Control (State machine - Combinational Logic)

3 Microprogrammed Control
Micro-Control Memory Note: Assume we begin in State A Control Outputs Next Location Address C1 C2 C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8 C9 C10 TRUE FALSE 1 4 2 5 3 6 7 8 9 10 Sequencer: Micro-Control Memory

4 Definitions of Threads and Processes
An instance of program running on computer Thread: dispatchable unit of work within process Includes processor context (which includes the program counter and stack pointer) and data area for stack Threads execute sequentially, but are Interruptible the processor can turn to another thread Thread switch Switching processor between threads within same process Typically less costly than process switch

5 Implicit and Explicit Multithreading
Explicit Multithreading is Concurrently executing instructions from different explicit threads Instructions are Interleaved from different threads on shared pipelines or executed in Parallel on separate pipelines Implicit multithreading is concurrent execution of multiple threads extracted from a single sequential program Implicit threads are defined statically by the compiler or dynamically by hardware

6 Scalar Threading

7 Multiple Instruction Issue Threading

8 Parallel Diagram

9 Multicore Organization Alternatives

10 Intel x86 Multicore Organization Core i7
Released November 2008 Speculative pre-fetch for caches Simultaneous multi-threading (SMT) 4 SMT cores, each supporting 4 threads  appears as 16 cores On chip DDR3 memory controller Three 8 byte channels (192 bits) giving 32GB/s QuickPath Interconnection Cache coherent point-to-point link High speed communications between processor chips 6.4G transfers per second, 16 bits per transfer Total bandwidth 25.6GB/s

11 Intel Core i7 Block Diagram
.3 ns/B !

12 Intel Core i7 approx 45x45 mm 45 nm feature size

13 Parallel Processor Architecture Summary
Very Tightly Coupled Tightly Coupled Moderately Coupled

14 MultiCore Organization (Very tightly Coupled or Single Processor)

15 Symmetric Multiprocessor (SMP) Organization (Tightly Coupled)

16 Non-Uniform Memory Access (NUMA) Organization (Moderately Coupled)

17 Cluster Organization (Loosely Coupled)


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