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Unit 8 What should I get my mom

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1 Unit 8 What should I get my mom
Section B

2 Pets hamster hairy dog Do you like a pet?
What kind of animal would you like to choose? mouse

3 rabbit pot-bellied pig spider snake turtle

4 Choosing pets good pet not sure dog
What animals do you think can be pets? Which would be good pets? And which would be bad pets? good pet not sure dog bad pet

5 Groupwork Think of as many animals as you can.
What’s the most popular pet? What’s the most unusual pet? Cats are the most popular pet. Parrots are the most unusual pets

6 List dog What is the most beautiful /unusual /interesting/annoying pet you have ever seen? Make a list of the pet you have.

7 Listening Listen and number the pets in the order you hear. 3 1 4 5 2

8 Pets comments hamster snake goldfish dog cat not friendly enough
Listen again and draw lines to match the pets and the comments. Pets comments hamster snake goldfish dog cat not friendly enough too boring short hair nice too hairy easy to take care of too scary friendly interesting beautiful

9 Pairwork What do you think is the best pet for these people?
A: I think a dog is a good pet for a 6-year-old child. B: Really? I don’t agree. Dogs are too difficult to take care of. A: How about a goldfish? B: … People Pet Why a 6-year-old child goldfish easy to take care of an 80-year-old grandmother a 16-year-old boy

10 Reading 1. Why do you think pot-bellied pigs are popular?
2. What are the advantages and disadvantages of keeping such a pet? 1. Pot-bellied pigs make good friends. 2. The advantages are that they can watch TV on the sofa when they are small. The disadvantages are that they get too big to sleep in the house and they need a lot of love.

11 Pets

12 Writing hamsters are popular, quiet, clean
Write the presentation on hamsters. hamsters are popular, quiet, clean cheaper than rabbits or cat sometimes noisy at night easy to take care of small sleep all day Hamsters are popular pets. People like them because they are quiet and clean.

13 Guess What kind of animal do you like?
Guess the name of the animal that I describe. talks. This pet is unusual. It’s easy to take care of and it Ask a student to describe a kind of pet. But don’t say what the animal is. Let other students to guess the name of the pet.

14 Task 1: Birthday gift What kind of pet does your friend like?
What kind of pet do you want to buy for his/her birthday? What does the girl want to buy for Bob?

15 Task 2: Debate Talk about the pros and cons of keeping pets in an apartment. A: I think every kid should have a pet. Because one family has only one child. Pets can be good company. B: I don’t think so. Animals usually are noisy and dirty. A: But you can clean it everyday. B: Of course I can. But it spends too much time. A: Maybe you can ask your mother to help you. B: But that’s my pet, not my mother’s. A: Wow……

16 Is it right to keep animals as pets?
Pros Cons good company spend too much time look after the house can be noisy and dirty

17 Task 3: My pets Do you have a pet? If you do, do you like it and why? Write your own presentation on your favorite pet. My pet is a cat. It’s white and black. I have kept it since it was two months old. It likes eating fish. When it was small, it could catch the mouse well. It always keeps clean. If it feels hungry, it always calls “Miao”. When it catches the mice, it’s very brave. I like it very much.

18 Poems about pets My Dog My dog is the cleverest animal of all.
He doesn’t just chase and catch a ball. With eyes open wide, He hunts when I hide. He does wonderful tricks, Builds me camps out of sticks. He’d never bark or bite, And he doesn’t like to fight. My dog is my very best friend, And I’ll look after him until the end.

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