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Things Your Mother Never Taught You (that every 6-year old already knows)

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1 Things Your Mother Never Taught You (that every 6-year old already knows)

2 Right Click is Your Friend Task Bar Desktop Appearance Shortcuts Keyboard Shortcuts Viewing, arranging, moving Files Odds and Ends

3 Thanks To: Alan Gojdics Mark Squire Lisa Woosley Lisa Hales Ron Henry

4 The Mouse Mouse pointer –Control Panel Mouse –Pointers »Scheme

5 The Taskbar Taskbar –Start Button –Quick Launch –Open Applications –Notification area –Clock

6 The Taskbar Customizing the Taskbar – right click or via Control Panel Properties –Taskbar Hide icons –Start Menu Classic or XP Customize – add or remove files

7 The Taskbar Quick Launch –Drag shortcuts to Return to Desktop –Right click on empty taskbar –Show the desktop Win2000 – Minimize all windows

8 Desktop Icons Can’t delete: –My Network –Recycle Bin –Internet Explorer Add –My Computer

9 Recycle Bin Drag and Drop Delete Retrievable NOT ON K AND O

10 Desktop Organization Icons –Right click on desktop Appearance Arrangement Changing –Right Click –Change Icon.ico files

11 Desktop Organization Office Toolbar –Programs Microsoft Office Tools –Right click Customize –Color –Buttons – add, remove –Shape Drag icons

12 Desktop Organization Folders –Right Click –New Folder – Name –Same process for desktop, drive or folder

13 Shortcuts Programs –Start Menu Program Files –Right Click on program icon »Create Shortcut »Click and drag/drop to desktop or Office bar.

14 Making Shortcuts Files –In document window Right Click Shortcut Drag and drop to Desktop

15 Making Shortcuts Internet Sites –Go to web site you want to create shortcut for –Drag icon to desktop

16 Desktop Appearance –Display Properties –Right Click on Desktop or click Control Panel Themes Desktop Screen Saver Appearance Settings

17 Themes Windows Standard XP

18 Wallpaper & Screensavers –MS preloaded –Any graphics file on your computer Screensavers –MS preloaded –My Pictures slide show

19 Graphic Sources Sources for Wallpaper, Pictures –Scan photos –Copy from Internet –Create art

20 Graphics Copying a picture from the Internet Locate image on page Place mouse button over image Right click Save picture as OR Set as background (automatic)

21 Copying pictures

22 Creating Wallpaper Wallpaper –Center –Stretch –Tiling

23 Appearance and Settings Appearance –Color schemes Settings –Screen Resolution 800x600 common 1024/768 better

24 Sounds Control Panel Sounds and Multimedia –Sounds –Event –Mail Beep –Browse - any sound file –Sources Internet

25 Keyboard Shortcuts Within Programs –Win key + M – Go to desktop –Win Key + M + Shift – Go back to program –Win Key+ E – Win Explorer –Alt + Tab - shifts between applications

26 Keyboard Shortcuts Within Programs –double click title bar – full/half screen –Alt + F4 – close program –Ctrl+ C – copy –Ctrl+ V – paste –Ctrl+X - delete –Ctrl + Z – delete to clipboard

27 Keyboard Shortcuts WORD –Ctrl+F6 – switches between open documents

28 Mr. Paperclip The guy we all love to hate Click on help in any office program –Right click on Mr. P Hide Options Choose Animate

29 File Window Changing View –Large Icons, Small Icons, List, Details, Thumbnails Arrange icons –Name, type, size, date, auto – Or via list page – click on header –Line Up Rename File (Desktop also) –Right click rename –Block+F2

30 Ways to Move Things Files and Folders –Left Click, Drag & Drop - moves –CTRL+Drag – makes copy –Shift+Drag – between discs Right Click – options depend on item Selecting with box, dragging

31 Finding Lost Files Within a Folder –Click Search Icon (Magnifying glass) –Document Name searches only within that folder restrict by date modified –All Files and Folders –Can specify where to search

32 Lost Files Start Button –Search Icon –File Name –Location – whole drive or folder within drive

33 Internet Tips Set Home Page –IE Tools –Internet Options »Home page – Enter address »Apply »OK


35 Internet Address Shortcuts (IE only) –Type ie For major sites only –Type name and Ctrl+Enter to fill out address ie pbs +CTRL+Enter writes http://www.pbs.com Does not work with EDU addresses

36 Internet IE –F11 - full screen

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