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General Sales Agent “GSA” Marketing Plan Interpoint Brazil - February 2010.

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1 General Sales Agent “GSA” Marketing Plan Interpoint Brazil - February 2010


3 I - MARKETING OBJECTIVES Introduce the Shangri-La products to the Brazilian Market Get the SHANGRI-LA better divulged in Brazil, raising the level of awareness of the brand to discerning premium business, leisure travel and corporate. Get larger percentage of premium consumer’s market share, showing that Shangri-La is an international deluxe hotel group with Asia-inspired hospitality with luxurious ambiance and tourism offices. Search partnership with airlines and similar with focus in the destinations.

4 II - TARGET MARKET DISTRIBUTION Corporate accounts Luxury Travel agents who specialize in corporate hotels and resort travel. Wholesalers Interpoint’s representatives country wide Direct sales by Interpoint’s main office Promoters Travels Shows Consortia

5 III - MARKET PLACE TARGET MARKETS In the development of the plan we shall consider all tourism markets available and identify segments offering the best potential return on investment. Proactively target the high value/luxury segment. High Net Worth Individuals Estimated over 500,000 in Brazil.

6 IV - ACTION PLAN ACTION TO BE TAKEN BEGINNING EARLY 2010 A – TRADE SHOWS Exhibition Stands with Shangri-La products Specially made Flyers for Shangri-La Press releases – Press Meetings B - CORPORATE ACCOUNTS Create direct mail marketing campaigns, visiting and introducing the brand to specialize travel agencies and corporate accounts that travel to SHANGRI-LA destinations. C – TRAVEL AGENTS, WHOLESALERS, GROUPS AND INCENTIVES – 4,300 listed (Brochures - Flyers - Posters) D – TRAVEL AGENTS TRANING SEMINARS São Paulo Rio de Janeiro Target: 600 Travel agents Duration: Half a day Material: Videos, brochures, flyers etc.

7 E - PRESS CONFERENCES W/ LUNCHEON OR OTHER SOCIAL EVENT F - ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN Panrotas Specialized tourism magazines General interest magazines Travel in G - SALES INCENTIVE PROGRAMS Corporate accounts Travel agents wholesalers Famtours with special groups of travel agencies (leisure and corporate) Create sales incentive campaigns with travel agents

8 H – PRESS CONTACTS Press releases to important Brazilian newspapers I – SALES PROMOTIONAL MATERIAL SHANGRI-LA - Manuals - Specific to Travel agency & Wholesalers, describing products with prices in local currency SHANGRI-LA brochures – free public distribution (Portuguese) FLOW FLYERS – SPECIFIC MANUALS MONTLY FLYERS INCLUDING NEW PROMOTIONS MAINTENANCE ADVERTISING MAINTENANCE CAMPAIGN MEDIA: SPECIALIZED TRADE MAGAZINES - PANROTAS TOURISM MAGAZINES TRAVEL IN, ETC. GENERAL INTEREST MAGAZINES DIRECT MAIL High net worth public 50.000 credit card holders Master Card Visa Card Amex Diners International 30.000 Interpoint mailing list FAMTOURS: Individual - Groups TRAVEL AGENTS _ Best sellers (incentive campaign)

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