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Objective: To listen attentively and respond appropriately to oral communication.

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2 Objective: To listen attentively and respond appropriately to oral communication

3 Do you ever speak in a very loud voice? When is it all right to do this? Why? I speak in a loud voice when ____________________. I do this so_____________.

4 What does it mean to say something at the top of your voice?? As we read this poem, let’s listen for words that name loud sounds Objective: To explore figurative language

5 At The Top Of My Voice! When I stamp The ground thunders, When I shout The world rings, When I sing The air wonders How I do such things.

6 Objective:To read high frequency words cold play says her again feel house know loud Mrs. put

7 Objective: To blend phonemes into words. Phonemic Awareness Phoneme Deletion

8 Objective: To delete final phonemes from words I am going to say some words and we will remove the final (last) sound. ant without /t/ is an farm without the /m/ is far start without the /t/ is star hump without the /p/ is hum goat without the /t/ is go inch without the /ch/ is in bust without the /t/ is bus stilt without the /t/ is still worn without the /n/ is wore gasp without the /p/ is gas jars without the /z/ is jar past without the /t/ is pass stark without the /k/ is star

9 Objective: To recognize root words To read inflected forms with –s, -ed, and –ing with no spelling changes Let’s see what happens if we add s,ed, and ing to the word park add s = parks add ed = parked add ing = parking

10 Root word plant look pick water Add –s plants looks picks waters Add –ed planted looked picked watered Add –ing planting looking picking watering

11 Ron was looking at his plant box He planted some plants. Then he watered them. Every day, he looked at his plants. Soon the little plants started to grow. One day, Ron picked the plants. Now Ron feels good. He is eating his plants.

12 Objective: To use /ar/ and other known letter sounds to spell and write words To spell and write known high frequency words f ar f ar m ar m ar t p ar t p ar k ch i n s u ch

13 far farm arm art part park chin such fly watch

14 Remember that the Author’s Purpose is to write stories that teach us something. The author can also be trying to inform us, give directions, and entertain us. Let’s reread the story We’re Going on a Lion Hunt. What is the author’s purpose in this story? Who tells the story? How do you know? What is the story mostly about? Objective: To determine the author’s purpose or point of view while listening to a story

15 Objective: To develop robust vocabulary Robust Vocabulary Blunder Reassure Excel

16 If you make a blunder, you make a bad or silly mistake. blunder

17 I will tell you some things. If you think it is a blunder then say “oops!” If not then I don’t want you to say anything. misspelling a word sharpening a pencil mispronouncing a word doing a hard problem spilling a glass of milk leaving lunch on the bus

18 reassure If you reassure someone, you tell him or her that everything will be alright.

19 I will say some things. If you might say this to reassure someone then give me a thumbs up. If not don’t do anything. You can do it! Don’t even try! You’ll do just fine! Don’t give up! I believe in you! Give it your best! Forget it! You’ll be terrific!

20 If you excel at something, you are very good at it. excel

21 I will name some things. If it would be something that you would like to excel at then say “Yes!” If not say nothing. eating a sandwich reading a hard book scoring a goal riding a bike putting on a jacket walking a dog

22 Objective: To recognize and capitalize the names of holidays To apply knowledge of the basic rules of capitalization when writing the names of holidays.

23 In January we celebrate _____ and _______. We celebrate Valentine’s Day and __________ in February. The first day of April is called ____________________. At the end of May, we celebrate ____________________. Our country’s birthday is called the ___________________.

24 I sent valentines on valentine’s day. We give thanks on thanksgiving. We went to the park on the fourth of july. The third Monday in February is president’s day.

25 E-mail Message Use a computer to get and send e- mail. From shows your e-mail address. To shows the e-mail address of the person the message is going to. Subject tells what the e-mail is about. The message can begin with a greeting and end with your name. Objective: To understand the form of e-mail messages

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