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Craig Chan & Mike Abidoye

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1 Craig Chan & Mike Abidoye
Active Suspension System Test Platform Bradley University Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering By: Craig Chan & Mike Abidoye Advisor: Steven Gutschlag 2 December 2004

2 Outline Project summary Previous work Functional description
Block diagrams Inputs and Outputs Subsystems Software flowchart Hardware configuration Parts list Work Schedule Questions?

3 Project Summary Drive a platform load with a linear actuator or a DC motor Microcontroller based feedback control system User selects frequency, amplitude, and waveform type Optional analog input

4 Previous Work Linear Actuator Power electronics calculations
Plant model System responds with different waveform types Bidirectional movement of platform loads

5 Functional Description
Responds to a platform load via feedback system The mode of operation will be determined by the user via a keypad on the micro-controller. Sinusoidal Step Triangular Flexibility in selecting desired frequency and amplitude of the platform’s motion

6 Control Block Diagram + -
Input Voltage Signal Representing the Desired Platform Motion + - Actuator (Plant) Platform Motion Controller (EMAC Micropac 535)

7 Inputs & Outputs

8 System Block Diagram EMAC Micropac 535 Micro-Controller Interface A/D
Keypad Input (Desired Platform Motion) Analog Position Input (Optional) EMAC Micropac 535 Micro-Controller Interface A/D Converter Power Electronics Test Platform FEEDBACK Output (Platform Motion) Display (Desired user input)

9 Software Subsystem

10 Hardware Subsystem

11 Test Platform Subsystem

12 Software Flow Chart Initialize keypad, LCD module, timers to be utilized, and other interfaces START Branch to main program, accept all user inputs from the keypad Process all user inputs to obtain output for the platform, display user inputs and mode of operation on LCD Fetch position feedback signal from the platform to update output control signals sent to the platform. Loop back to main program. END

13 Hardware Configuration

14 High & Low Side Driver Configuration IR2213

15 Transistor Power Calculation without heat sink
θJA = (TJ–TA)/Pd 2.4Watts

16 Parts List Micro Pac 535 High and Low Side Driver (IR2213)
Phototransistor (4N25) Actuator DC Motor N-channel Power Mosfets (IR640)

17 Work Schedule Fall Semester ASSTP Project Research
Power Electronics Design Spring Semester Week 1-2 Software Design Week 3-4 Software Coding and Platform Construction Week 5-7 Software Debugging and Testing Week 8-10 System Integration of Hardware and Software Subsystems Week Research on project expansion and senior presentation preparation

18 QUESTIONS Back to home

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