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Information Technology

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1 Information Technology
Chapter 1 Information Technology

2 Agenda Information system (IS) Information technology (IT)
Business today IT trends

3 IS IS collects, processes, stores, analyzes, and disseminates information for a specific purpose IS contains Input Process Output Feedback Environment Formal or informal IS

4 IS Components Hardware Software Database Network Procedures People

5 IS Computer-Based Information System (CBIS)
IS uses compute technology to perform some or all of its intended tasks

6 Agenda Information system (IS) Information technology (IT)
Business today IT trends

7 IT Technological side or subsystem of an IS IT contains Hardware
Database Software Network Other devices

8 Agenda Information system (IS) Information technology (IT)
Business today IT trends

9 Business Today Pressures Responses Business Technological Societal
Strategic systems Continuous improvement efforts Business process reengineering (BPR) Business alliances Electronic commerce

10 Business Pressure Market Changing workforce Powerful customer
Global economy Strong competition Changing workforce Powerful customer

11 Technological Pressure
Innovation Obsolescence Information overload

12 Societal Pressure Social responsibility Regulation & deregulation
Shrinking budget & subsidies Ethical issue Privacy

13 Strategic System Response
Strategic information systems Innovation Competitive advantage

14 Continuous Improvement Efforts
Productivity Cost Output Just-in-time Total quality management (TQM) Data & information monitoring

15 Continuous Improvement Efforts
Timely & accurate decision making Managing information and knowledge effectively Innovation and creativity Change management Customer service

16 BPR Cycle time and time to market
Decentralization & collaborative work Customer-focused approach Restructuring and team-based structure Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management

17 Business Alliances Joint ventures Virtual corporation

18 Electronic Commerce Types Purpose Intranet Extranet Internet
Increase productivity Decrease cost

19 Agenda Information system (IS) Information technology (IT)
Business today IT trends

20 IT Trends Hardware Software Data Telecommunications
Ubiquitous computing End-users

21 Hardware Trends Mainframe to microcomputer to network computer
Size Speed Memory Costs Client/server architecture Centralized to decentralized resource control Departmental purchases

22 Software Trends Large to small system development
Rapid development (6-month window) Reusable code (packages) Outsourcing 3GL to 4GL to 5GL to ??? Intelligent agent

23 Data Trends Mainframe to PC Keystroke/optical scanning/voice
Multimedia voice/animation/video digitizing Data warehousing Data mining

24 Telecommunication Trends
Network enterprise Internet Intranet Extranet E-commerce

25 Ubiquitous Computing Integrated home computing Smart card
TV turns down sound when you answer phone VCR pauses when microwave popcorn ready Car is tuned remotely Smart card

26 Ubiquitous Computing Technology Palm pilot Bar code scanner
Wireless phone Internet search engine

27 End-user Trends More knowledgeable users More opportunities for
More demanding of IT More opportunities for Misuse of IT resources Mischief Computer crime IT people as communicators

28 Eight Critical Technology Trends
Harry Dent, The Roaring 2000s, (Simon & Schuster, 1998) 1. Vast computer power 2. Portable and home PCs 3. Computer in simple and inexpensive appliances 4. Microprocessor-embedded home appliances linked to Internet

29 Eight Critical Technology Trends
5. Online consumers 6. Expansion of communication bandwidths 7. Object-oriented programming 8. Computer literacy

30 Points to Remember Information system (IS) Information technology (IT)
Business today IT trends

31 Issues The usage in business The downside of such usage Your opinions

32 Discussion Questions What are the components of an information system in your organization? What are the pressure to use IS or IT in your organization? How does your organization utilize IS or IT to ease the pressure? What are the downside of the utilization of IS or IT in your organization?

33 Assignment Review technology guides 1-2, & chapter 1 Read chapter 2
Group Assignment Research paper

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