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PEOPLE on the STREETS Kelly McGillivray Peoplecount.

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1 PEOPLE on the STREETS Kelly McGillivray Peoplecount

2 We set out to find… HOW MANY people WALK on streets?

3 We wanted to estimate… 24-hour mid-block count 2 sides of the street 2 directions of travel

4 Across an ENTIRE city!

5 Im going to tell you… HOW we did it WHAT we created WHY its useful

6 HOW we did it

7 We did field work… 7 cities 560 pedestrian counts 60 km of sidewalk


9 3 COUNT SOURCES: Stationary cameras Mobile camera Manual counts

10 Stationary cameras – 18 hour counts

11 Mobile camera – 12 hour counts

12 Manual counts – 5 min./block/hour

13 Chicago Pedestrian Counts

14 WHAT we created

15 CHALLENGES Economical Universal data sources Apply to ANY city

16 VARIABLES Tested Local Census Spatial

17 AADT Road Class Transit Stop One Way LOCAL Variables


19 CENSUS Variables Population density Employment density Mode Choice

20 We created a new variable… Pedestrian Density = Daytime Population X% Non-Drivers

21 Chicago Pedestrian Density

22 SPATIAL Variables Axial line length Average depth What are spatial variables?

23 AXIAL Mapping Draw lines of sight 1 km buffer Analyze with software 13 integration variables

24 Sample Axial Map

25 AVERAGE DEPTH # steps from one point in system to all other points. A F D B E C A B1 A E1 A D2 A F2 A C3 Avg Depth of A = 9/6 = 1.5

26 Manhattan Axial Map Showing Average Depth AAAAAAAAAAAAA

27 Manhattan Estimated Pedestrian Volumes

28 Pedestrian Model Accuracy

29 WHY its useful

30 USES FOR PED MODEL? PLANNING cheap counts ped LOS ped signals ped crossings accident rates COMMERCIAL location analysis retail real estate outdoor ads BIAs

31 LIMITATIONS Granularity – 1 to 5 blocks Anomalies – tourist areas Seasonality – not adjusted


33 Pedestrian Paths Modelled Now

34 Neighbourhood Level Detail


36 Get to know YOUR PEOPLE on the STREET

37 Thank you. Kelly McGillivray, P.Eng. President & Chief Methodologist

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