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ELC 498 Course Overview DAY 2 Technological Drivers of Change.

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1 ELC 498 Course Overview DAY 2 Technological Drivers of Change

2 Agenda Questions?? Blackboard 1st Perspective Technological drivers of change

3 4 Perspectives 1. Technological Drivers Of Change 2. Creating Value: Economics Of Internet- based Commerce 3. Capturing Value: Market Structure And Competition 4. Creating And Capturing Value In The Supply Chain

4 Key Technology Components Pre-Internet

5 Key Technology Components With Internet Information Flows

6 Key Technology Components Post-Internet

7 Internet and World Wide Web The Internet WWW JAVA Search Engines Portal and growth

8 The Internet ARPA -> ARPANET Packet Switching More networks appear NSFnet JANnet BITnet TCP/IP (1974) “One protocol to glue them all”

9 Internet Growth

10 WWW HTTP & HTML Tim Berners-Lee MOSIAC Marc Andreesen

11 JAVA Interactivity Client Side  applets Server side  servelets Portability Runs in JVM

12 Search Engines, Portals & Growth Needle in the haystack problems Directories (Yahoo!) to Search Engines (Google) 1.2 Billion users 100 Million web sites 120:1

13 Growth

14 The Internet and WWW -> Platform for eCommerce Reach Flexibility and ease of Use Personalization Interactivity Asynchronous communication Encyclopedic nature Richness

15 Advances in Computers and Enterprise Systems Moore’s Law – Power to the desktop (then to the appliance?)

16 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Client server replacement for the mainframe and legacy systems Complexity folds in to “one size fits all” solution Based on Intranet (extranets) Digital nerve center for the entire enterprise SAP & Peoplesoft

17 Customer relationship management Began with the database Rolodex on steroids Sales force automation Customer service and support Usually tied to ERP system

18 Logistics and fulfillment 1. Capture the items and quantity desired (shopping cart) 2. Apply promotional pricing  advise consumer 3. Notify if out of stock, date of likely shipping 4. Check with suppliers (drop ship?) 5. Obtain shipping and billing info 6. Determine special requirements 7. Delivery options? 8. Delivery timing? 9. Partial deliveries OK?

19 Logistics and fulfillment 10. back-orders? 11.Computer Shipping and handling costs 12.Total Cost? 13.Determine credit worthiness 14.Get Credit card info 15.Advise consumer if credit rejected 16. Complete transaction  provide customer with order number 17.Clear transaction with credit card processor 18.Update inventory or ERP 19.Deliver order.

20 Logistics and Fulfillment Shipping Outsource? UPS, FEDEX, DHL, USPS In house Distribution centers Vehicle fleet “Last Mile” Problem Small number of parcels miles apart to individuals who may not be home

21 Summary Internet-> WWW Computer systems ERP CRM Procurement and fulfillment logistics Who there and what are they doing there? All this happened in the last 20 years

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