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BIOS 307: Biochemical Metabolism Textbook: Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry;

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1 BIOS 307: Biochemical Metabolism Textbook: Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry; Course Website: Another useful website: Office hours 1-2 PM every weekday except Wednesday, or by appointment

2 Grades Attendance/Participation 10% Three hourly exams 40% (First one 10%) Weekly assigned homework 15% Term paper 10% Final 25%

3 A good reason for this course: Typically, a required pre-med class, but… –Metabolomics, Physiomics The age of –omics -ome signifies the collectivity of the units in the stem Genome – collection of genes Transcriptome – collection of RNA transcripts Proteome – collection of proteins Metabolome – collection of metabolites Etc.

4 The central dogma of molecular biology DNARNAPROTEIN Gene Expression Metabolism

5 Metabolites can be diagnostic Whether physician or patient you will find an understanding of metabolism helpful So yes, there will be memorization of pathways and metabolites, which will accompany your understanding of design and rationale of metabolic pathways and cycles. [if you want to get a start: be able to recognize various enzyme cofactors with nucleotide character (NAD, FAD, CoA, etc.), nucleotides (ATP, GTP, etc.), and amino acids]

6 An example: Cancer and Metabolism PET scan reveals tumor by highlighting areas of increased glucose uptake

7 Energy Generation and Cancer Treatment

8 Personalizing Cancer Care

9 Aging (mean life span) is also influenced by genetic traits Specific mutations have been identified in model organisms such as worms, flies, and yeast that lead to extension of lifespan Analysis of such mutants holds out the possibility of understanding the molecular mechanisms of aging

10 -Yeast mutants lacking SIR2 have a shorter lifespan -The same is true for C. elegans (worms) lacking the SIR2 homolog -The human homolog enhances survival of cells in culture Sir2 related proteins are found in all eukaryotes, including man : The family of proteins are known as Sirtuins The mechanism by which Sir2 promotes longevity is unknown but general idea is this: Aging

11 Because it consumes NAD, SIR2 has been proposed to be the monitor that connects metabolism to aging High Calorie Diet NAD is converted to NADH & unavailable for SIR2 Caloric Restriction: Less NAD used in catabolism More available for SIR2 action

12 Cancer, life span - metabolism The intent is not to engage you with fear and consumption Metabolism refers to the underlying chemistry of life…thus it has a profound impact on you

13 Both universal and unique metabolic pathways

14 Generate energy from light or chemistry

15 Evolutionary model(s) for eukaryotic cells

16 Eating together leads to cellular evolution

17 Review of chemical properties

18 Organic chemistry: Carbon Chemistry = Function (ie. peptide bond) Biomolecules commonly exist as stereoisomers (same chemical composition, distinct organization in space) –Enantiomers (mirror images) –Diastereoisomers (Non-mirror images) Evident in sugars, amino acids, etc.


20 Enantiomer or Diastereomer?


22 Aspartame metabolism

23 Bio-inorganic chemistry or why do I need Zn daily? Coordination of metal ions provides structure for biomolecules –ATP is found only as Mg-ATP intracellularly Charge carriers –Nerve impulses resulting from K and Na ion channels Catalysis –Act as a Lewis acid/base Electron transfer Activation of small molecules (i. e. N 2 )

24 Functional groups determine chemical properties S N 1 and S N 2

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