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Purchasing for Extension Policies and Procedures Patty Gropp, C.P.M. Washington State University Purchasing Services Pullman, Washington October 28, 2004.

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1 Purchasing for Extension Policies and Procedures Patty Gropp, C.P.M. Washington State University Purchasing Services Pullman, Washington October 28, 2004

2 Extension engages people, organizations and communities to advance knowledge, economic well-being and quality of life by fostering inquiry, learning, and the application of research.

3 Purchasing Services conducts and facilitates procurement in the best interest of the University, and in accordance with Washington’s laws that govern procurement and the WSU business policies and procedures.

4 Processes For Outcomes

5 State of Washington law governs procurement activities of Washington State University. Revised Code of Washington and Washington Administrative Code


7 Ethical conduct of employees Access to business opportunities Stewardship of State resources Public access to records Washington law governing procurement activities is concerned with issues such as:

8 This law contains state requirements concerning: use of state resources confidential information gifts conflicts of interest special privileges outside compensation RCW 42.52 Ethics in Public Service Act

9 State Employees Seeking to Contract with Their Own or Another State Agency As a state employee, you are not prohibited from receiving compensation or anything of economic value under a contract or grant outside of your official duties for another state agency or with your own state agency if you meet the following conditions:

10 The contract or grant is legitimate and actually performed; The performance of the contract or grant is not within your official duties, under your supervision, or was created by you in an official capacity; The contract or grant is not performed for nor compensated by a person from who you would not be able to receive a gift; and,

11 The contract or grant would not require the disclosure of confidential or nonpublic information. The contract or grant must be awarded through an open and competitive bidding process and more than one bid or grant application must be received; or,

12 If only one bid or grant application is received, or the process for awarding the contract or issuing the grant was not open and competitive, seek the advice and approval of the Executive Ethics Board to determine whether the contract or grant could create a conflict of interest. GO TO:

13 When seeking the advice and approval of the Ethics Board, provide the following information: A description of your official duties; A statement of the work to be performed under the contract or a copy of the contract; The duration and dollar value of the contract; A statement that no state resources will be used to fulfill the contract; and, A description of how the work will be performed without the use of state resources, including paid state time. Forward this information to: Executive Director PO BOX 40149 OLYMPIA, WA 98504-0149

14 Ethical Conduct Basic Guidelines No conflict of interest in transactions No financial interest in transactions No personal benefit from transaction YOUR BEST OBJECTIVE DECISION FOR WSU

15 Avoid Conflict of Interest in Purchasing Transactions E T H I C S W A R N I N G

16 Avoid Financial Gain from Purchasing Transactions E T H I C S W A R N I N G

17 Do Not Purchase Goods or Services from a WSU Employee E T H I C S W A R N I N G

18 Do Not Accept Personal Gifts or Special Privileges from Vendors E T H I C S W A R N I N G

19 WSU Business Policies and Procedures Manual BPPM Section 70 BPPM/70_Purchasing/70.00_Contents.htm BPPM

20 Washington State University Purchasing Services Washington State University Purchasing Services Staff Photo The staff are camera shy!

21 Vickie Arrasmith, Director of Purchasing Patty Gropp, Buyer Supervisor Buyers Pam Berry, Kerry Johnson, John Noble, Yve Wight Purchasing Card Program Administrative Manager vacant Purchasing Card Program Coordinator Henri Piper Receptionist and Office Assistant Luzville Goebel http:

22 OUR GOALS adding value to business transactions lawful transactions quality products and services competitive prices timely deliveries

23 Purchasing Services French Administration 220

24 Authority to Commit University Funds W A R N I N G: Personal Liability

25 Administrative Policies Authority to Commit Funds Do not commit the University to a purchase without the delegated authority of a p-card transaction, K- order, F-Order, blanket order no. or special prior approval from a buyer.

26 Authority to Commit Funds Authority presumes knowledge of policies and procedures. Policy violations require written explanation.. Educational memo may be sent to your Dean or Chair and the Internal Auditor.

27 Authority to Sign Contracts on Behalf of the University W A R N I N G Do you have a letter of delegation from President Rawlins?

28 Spending Thresholds $1 to $2500 departments may buy without competition, department order, blanket order or p-card. Without competition = direct buy $2500 must include tax & shipping.

29 Spending Thresholds $2501 to $42,300, buyers obtain competitive quotes or bids from 3 or more sources. Buyers issue purchase orders or blanket orders.

30 Spending Thresholds At $42,300 state law mandates formal sealed bid procedures conducted by Purchasing Services. Advertising is required. Buyers issue purchase orders, blanket orders or contracts.

31 Sole Source Procurement State law allows a few exceptions to the requirement for competitive quotations or bid process: Special Features Special Conditions Special Services or Facilities

32 Purchasing Tools Department Order

33 BPPM 70.07 Department Order Policies and Procedures


35 Department Order Up to $2500 with tax & shipping included Printed in department Sent to vendor by department

36 Purchasing Tools Blanket Order

37 BPPM 70.19 Blanket Order Policies and Procedures

38 Blanket Orders Purchasing Services authorizes a vendor to provide a WSU department with goods or services for a specified period of time with a Blanket Order. Vendor gets one copy of the Blanket Order, and only verbal orders from department to ship goods against that order number.

39 Blanket Orders One blanket order covers many low value purchases. Department may call in orders. Department may pick up orders. No hard copy or encumbrance. Invoices require manual coding and authorized signature. Limited usage.

40 Invoices The bill for goods or services provided by an outside vendor Vendor’s name and address (REMIT TO) Addressed to WSU (BILL TO) Description of goods and charges Payment terms


42 Invoice Voucher Departments prepare this form when the vendor cannot invoice, for example: the vendor is a private individual personal reimbursement Must have original signatures

43 INVOICE VOUCHER add title

44 Interdepartmental Requisition and Invoice To purchase goods or services from another WSU department, the internal form to use is the “IRI”.


46 Purchasing Tools Departmental Requisition

47 BPPM 70.10 Departmental Requisition Policies and Procedures

48 Departmental Requisition Prepared by department Tells what is needed, quantity, estimated cost, suggested vendor(s) May attach quote, specifications, other documentation Sent to Purchasing for action

49 Product Specifications Clear and orderly specifications Please proof read carefully Basic qualities and openness to “equals” or alternates Catalog pages or descriptive literature can be attached, but are not specifications for a bid.

50 Competitive Quotes & Bids $2500 and over. At least three sources solicited. 5 to 10 days allowed for response. Offers reviewed by end user. Buyer approves end user’s review. Buyer issues purchase order.


52 Review of Bids Follow all instructions on Bid Transmittal Sheet May query bidder about specifications only Never discuss quoted price or negotiate Never write on bids; may copy Return all documents to Purchasing


54 BPPM 70.10 Purchase Order Policies and Procedures


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