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SOSC 103D Social Inequality in HK Lecture 5: Class Theories.

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1 SOSC 103D Social Inequality in HK Lecture 5: Class Theories

2 L5: 14.02.072 Dysfunction of Stratification System (as described by Functionalist Theory)  Inhibits the discovery of talent  Provides those at the top with the power to justify their high position  Weakens the self-images among those at the bottom  Create hostility and disintegration

3 L5: 14.02.073 Theories of Class Stratification Marxist theory (Karl Marx): Industrialization Human relation is a relation of production (economic relation) Capitalist class and working class Accumulation and exploitation Class Polarization

4 L5: 14.02.074 Class Polarization

5 L5: 14.02.075 Theories of Class Stratification Weberian theory (Max Weber): Organization (Bureaucracy) Rational-legal authority Human relationship is multi- dimensional: class, status and power More than 2 classes

6 L5: 14.02.076 Class scheme Divisions of social class: the way we divide people into different groups e.g. Rich vs Poor e.g. Capitalists vs Labour e.g. Employers vs Employees (self-employed) e.g. Blue-collar vs White-collar e.g. Middle class vs Working class

7 L5: 14.02.077 Class scheme Sociologists mainly classify people into different class according to their occupations  Capitalists class  Upper-middle class/ Service class:  Managerial & Professional occupations  Middle class  Intermediate white collar occupations  Small employers and own-account workers  Lower-grade technicians, supervisors  Working class  Manual workers (from skilled to unskilled)

8 L5: 14.02.078 Class Scheme/ Structure Brief Description % I Higher managerial & professional occupations II Lower managerial & professional III Intermediate (white collar) occupations IV Small employers and own-account workers V Lower-grade technicians, supervisors VI Skilled manual workers VII Semi-skilled to unskilled workers, agricultural

9 L5: 14.02.079 Hong Kong’s Class Structure From Triangle to Diamond Shape 60-70’s 80’s from late 80’s

10 L5: 14.02.0710 Class inequality Inequality in skills and qualification Inequality in job nature Inequality in housing Inequality in consumption Inequality in leisure Inequality in family structure and composition Inequality in children’s education

11 L5: 14.02.0711 Readings: Wong, T & Lui, T.L. (1992) Reinstating Class: a Structural and Development Study of Hong Kong Society. Occasional Paper no.10. Hong Kong: Social Sciences Research Center, HKU. P.24-81 (on teaching web)

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