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Nathan Mercer Microsoft NZ

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2 Nathan Mercer Microsoft NZ

3 WebWeb Solid Foundation for Your Business Workloads VirtualisationVirtualisation Internet Information Services 7.0 – Powerful Web Application and Services Platform Manage with Ease Powerful Hosting of Applications and Services Lower Infrastructure Costs Windows Server Virtualisation Presentation Virtualisation SecuritySecurity Network Access Protection Read-Only Domain Controller (RODC) Active Directory Rights Management Services Server Manager Windows PowerShell Power Management High Performance Computing Server Core Installation Option Next Generation Networking Failover Clustering Dynamic Partitioning ReliabilityReliabilityManagementManagement

4 Server Manager Product Installation Initial Configuration

5 { Install & Server Manager }

6 Resources Server Manager Scenarios Step-by-Step Guide.doc aspx?FamilyID=518d870c-fa3e-4f6a-97f5- acaf31de6dce&displaylang=en

7 New Command-line shell & Scripting Language Futures Improves productivity & control Accelerates automation of system admin Easy-to-use Works with existing scripts Downloadable for XP, Vista, Server 2003, and include with Windows Server 2008 Shipping in Windows Admin GUIs of all Server products layered over PowerShell One-to-many remote management using WS-MGMT Partners

8 { PowerShell }

9 Resources Windows PowerShell workbook: server administration de/archive/2008/02/28/free-windows- powershell-workbook-server- administration.aspx An introduction to scripting technologies for people with no real background knowledge. de/archive/2007/05/10/english-version-of- windows-powershell-course-book-available-for- download.aspx

10 Windows Vista set the stage… 700+ new settings, ability to control things we never could before centrally (i.e. power save settings, device installation restrictions) Group policies no longer just a thread in Winlogon, but instead a separate service Meticulous step-by-step logging makes GP troubleshooting light-years easier Printer/drive mapping via GPO Powerful new ADMX template format Server 2008 rocks the house with…

11 Group Policy Preferences lets you create a do-it-yourself group policy setting out of, well, just about anything… with a few mouse clicks Built into Windows Server 2008 GPMC Part of the Desktop Standard acquisition Remote Server Admin Tools (RSAT) to be delivered for Windows Vista CSEs in Win2008, download Vista, Win2003, XP

12 { Group Policy Group Policy Preferences Starter GPOs }

13 Resources Group Policy Preferences Overview Group Policy Preferences Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Group Policy Settings Reference for Windows Server 2008 Microsoft Remote Server Administration Tools for Windows Vista with SP1 (x86): (x64): BD3C497D2BC5 BD3C497D2BC5 CSE download

14 AD is a service Fine-grained password policies means you can give each group and/or person a different password policy New backup tool means bare-metal rebuilds of a dead DC is a snap AD snapshots gives ISVs the potential to build AD recovery tools, auditing and forensic analysis tools

15 { Managing Active Directory Domain Services }

16 { Active Directory Database Mounting Tool }

17 AD Database Mounting Tool AD DS: Database Mounting Tool r2008/en/library/163613cb-f332-46c5-b9a9- 9654123e0c081033.mspx?mfr=true 08/03/06/ws08-ad-database-mounting- tool.aspx

18 Small subset of the executable files and DLLs installed No GUI interface, no.NET, no PowerShell Nine available Server Roles Managed with remote tools

19 { Server Core }

20 Resources Server_Core_Installation_Option_of_Windo ws_Server_2008_Step-By-Step_Guide.doc aspx?FamilyID=518d870c-fa3e-4f6a-97f5- acaf31de6dce&displaylang=en 8/en/us/compare-core-installation.aspx

21 Main Office Remote Site Features Read Only Active Directory Database Only allowed user passwords are stored on RODC Unidirectional Replication Role Separation Benefits Increases security for remote Domain Controllers where physical security cannot be guaranteed Support ADFS,DNS, DHCP, FRS V1, DFSR (FRS V2), Group Policy, IAS/VPN, DFS, SMS, ADSI queries, MOM RODC

22 { Read Only Domain Controller }

23 Resources RODC FAQ ver2008/en/library/e41e0d2f-9527-4eaf- b933-84f7d3b2c94a1033.mspx?mfr=true ver2008/en/library/e41e0d2f-9527-4eaf- b933-84f7d3b2c94a1033.mspx?mfr=true

24 Remote Site Hub Read Only DC How RODC Works Windows Server 2008 DC 11 22 33 44 55 66 66 112233445566 User logs on and authenticates RODC: Looks in DB: "I don't have the users secrets" Forwards Request to Windows Server 2008 DC Windows Server 2008 DC authenticates request Returns authentication response and TGT back to the RODC RODC gives TGT to User and RODC will cache credentials RODC

25 Read-only DC Mitigates “Stolen DC” Attacker Perspective Hub Admin Perspective

26 No passwords cached (default) Most passwords cached Few passwords (branch-specific accounts) cached ?

27 Virtualisation Read-Only Domain Controllers Which run on Server Core Admin Role Separation Let Server admins be server admins DFS-R for FRS Cut WAN traffic, reduce exposure DNS Write-forwarding DNS servers in branch offices Bitlocker Blanket encryption

28 Management “despite” firewalls Implementation of WS-Management protocol Based on HTTP/HTTPS connectivity Baseboard Management Control or WMI WinRM is started, but no listener is configured WINRM QUICKCONFIG from cmdline Foundation of event log consolidation Windows Remote Shell (WinRS) provides command shell WINRS ex: winrs – ipconfig

29 Heartbeat New Validation Wizard Support for GUID partition table (GPT) disks in cluster storage Improved cluster setup and migration Improvements to stability and security – no single point of failure IPv6 support Multi-site Clustering Active Node Passive Node

30 { Failover Clustering }

31 Resources Step-by-Step Guide for Configuring a Two- Node File Server Failover Cluster in Windows Server 2008.doc Step-by-Step Guide for Configuring a Two- Node Print Server Failover Cluster in Windows Server 2008.doc px?FamilyID=518d870c-fa3e-4f6a-97f5- acaf31de6dce&displaylang=en

32 SSTP IO prioritisation Parallel Session Creation Clean Service Shutdown Kernel Transaction Manager SMB2 Address Space Randomisation Dynamic Partitioning Self Healing NTFS

33 Resources Inside Windows Server 2008 Kernel Changes us/magazine/cc194386.aspx Deploying SSTP Remote Access Step by Step Guide.doc px?FamilyID=518d870c-fa3e-4f6a-97f5- acaf31de6dce&displaylang=en px?FamilyID=518d870c-fa3e-4f6a-97f5- acaf31de6dce&displaylang=en

34 { Self Heal NTFS }

35 Solid Application Platform Easier to Manage Group Policy Enhancements A Powerful Web Application and Services Platform with Internet Information Services 7.0 Networking Improvements Great New Security Features

36 2008 RTM 2008 2008 R2 “Cougar”

37 Through the Momentum Portal, participants will have access to the following benefits free of charge for one year: In-Depth Technical Content Managed Forums TechNet+ Direct Subscription PSS Support Requests Webcasts & Architectural Reviews with Product Teams (Selected Projects) After one year, some benefits expire e.g. PSS Support and TechNet+ Subscription Project Phases Evaluate T ECHNICAL C ONTENT M ANAGED F ORUMS Plan T ECH N ET + D IRECT Pilot PSS S UPPORT Share M ICROSOFT BLOGS, WEBSITES, EVENTS, ETC.

38 Subscribe to our free, online newsletters to stay up to date with Microsoft news, information & events Don’t forget to fill in your Evaluation form! Hand in at end of day for complimentary software Tech  Ed 2008: 1-3 September, SkyCity Mark the dates. Registration opening soon.


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