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Working Environment - - Linux - -.

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1 Working Environment - - Linux - -

2 UNIX History (1/2) UNIX was originally developed in 1969 by Thomson and Ritchie of the Computer Science Research Group at Bell Laboratories. UNIX has gone through many versions since then. It has been a popular operating system among computer programmers and computer scientists.

3 UNIX History (2/2) UNIX is a multiuser, multiprocessing, portable operating system. It is designed to facilitate programming, text processing and communication.

4 Linux History In 1991, Linux Torvalds, a Finish student at the University of Helsinki at the time, developed a new operating system that is known today as Linux. The initial kernel, which was similar to a small subset of UNIX, has grown into a full-scale operating system today. The Linux 2.0 kernel, released in 1997, was accepted as a commercial operating system: it has all features traditionally attributed to UNIX.

5 Linux Account Server IP: account: s970501
password: the same as your account

6 TErminaL NETwork (TELNET)
Allow a user to run an application program on a remote computer Remote login Ex: 學生在宿舍要從遠端連到實驗室的 server, 修改程式, compiler program, 執行程式. Telnet 可讓使用者在遠端 remote login, 如同在server當地 local login. user 送出指令, 到 server 端執行, 執行結果再傳回給 remote user. Remote user

7 Telnet Tools putty pietty cmd NetTerm 附屬應用程式 – 通訊 – 超級終端機

8 File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Handle: different coding system, file format Two connections: one for data transfer, one for control information FTP 是一個架構在 TCP/IP 之上的應用層協定 提供目前登錄的電腦與遠端主機間下載、上傳檔案的服務 處理兩端不同的 File format (coding system: ASCII, EBCDIC vs. Unicode, image file), Data structure (File structure, record structure, page structure), Transmission mode (stream mode, block mode, compressed mode) Control connection 是永遠存在的. 只有當真正要傳資料時, data connection 才會建立, 傳完就 cancel. Two connections: one for data, one for control (commands and responses) Port Number=21 Ex: cuteFTP, WSftp

9 FTP Tools WSFtp winSCP MSDOS command: >ftp CuteFtp

10 Shell Shell is a program to setup your working environment. Shell
Kernel Hardware

11 Commands (1/2) passwd ----change password exit ---- exit
man command -- list the menu of the command “command” keyin q to quit ls --- list the files in the directory ls -a ls –l cat filename

12 Commands (2/3) cd directory -- change directory
cd ( to parent) cd ( to itself) cd subdirectory mkdir directory – rmdir directory rm file1 -- remove a file with name “file1” rm –i (will ask again) cp file1 file2 -- copy the content of file1 to file2

13 vi -- On-line Editor vi is an on-line editor. Two modes are used:
Command mode Edit mode Shell Command mode a / i ESC Edit mode

14 vi command mode x: delete the character on the cursor.
dd: delete the line on the cursor. i : insert, a: append Then you are in editor mode. :q to leave the vi :w to leave with saving the file :q! to leave without saving the file :1 go to the line 1

15 vi editor mode You can insert any word and Enter at the position of the cursor. Use “Esc” to return to command mode. You can use the paste tools of NetTerm to paste a block in editor mode.

16 Simple Test Please change your password as soon as possible.
Try to use cd and ls. Use vi to create a simple file. Your introduction. I will test some people’s password and their introduction.

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