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Environmental Education Opportunity Program: Summer Scholars:

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1 Environmental Education Opportunity Program: Summer Scholars:

2 Examples of power points have been created by the EEOP staff You can use any one of these two or choose another design by clicking Design in the right hand corner and then clicking the background you want.

3 Make sure the colors you choose are easy to read against the background. Choose easy to read fonts. Make font big enough to read. is an example of word art. Click on insert, then picture, then word art.

4 You can look for your own pictures by clicking on insert, picture and then click on clip art. Search through the files for one you like and add it to your slide show by clicking on it. You can also find pictures on the internet. You can also use the pictures on this slide show.

5 These images move when you view the slideshow. To view the slide show, press F5.

6 Spell check Don’t put too many objects on one slide Use bullets Use phrases NOT sentences

7 Slide 1 should have…. School Name Slide 2 should have… Info on why you came to summer scholars –To have fun? –To learn – hopefully! –To see NAU? –To go on a trip? Slides 3, 5 & 8 should have… Pictures –Pictures from Summer Scholars or related to climate change

8 Slide 4 should have… Tell what you learned –What you learned about fire Be specific Facts from reading Info from guest speakers Info from internet research Slide 6 should have… Continued from Slide 4 Info on what you learned –Remember to be specific!! Slide 7 should have… Info on how you learned about climate change –Field trips? –Guest speakers? –Readings?

9 Slide 8 should have… What you think should happen in relation to the PBL question presented at the beginning of the week Support your answer Reason: Slide 9 should have… Thank you –Feel free to say thank you HAVE FUN!!!

10 Confused? Have questions? Raise your hand and ask EEOP staff for help!

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