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Guatemala Guatemala – a land of beauty with dozens of volcanoes.

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2 Guatemala

3 Guatemala – a land of beauty with dozens of volcanoes

4 In contrast, hundreds of people in Guatemala City continue to work scavenging in the garbage dump

5 Our Guatemalan Missionaries Passionate about bringing the Good News to their people Julian Sandra Manuel Ruth Oscar

6 Groundwork Guatemala Ministry Building and Team House

7 Each week we visit homes in Amatitlán, Buena Vista and Guatemala City

8 …bringing the message of salvation, and the comfort and encouragement of God’s love

9 …simply being the face of Christ to the lonely and hurting

10 Each week children gather on a farm outside of Amatitlán

11 The Holy Spirit is laying the foundation of faith as children hear about God’s love and salvation through Bible stories, songs and crafts

12 Samuel


14 Men and women walk from other remote areas to hear the Good News


16 Adult ministry in Buena Vista, two hours from Guatemala City

17 Buena Vista is a remote village with no electricity or running water

18 Children’s ministry in Buena Vista

19 Old curtains, tarps and cardboard are our tables

20 Crafts go home and tell the Bible stories to the children’s families

21 The Public School in Buena Vista invites Groundwork Guatemala to teach Christian Education and English

22 170 children attend this public school – the only school in Buena Vista

23 Bringing Jesus to children in this public school is a God sent opportunity

24 Many children in Guatemala are unable to attend school because they do not have the needed supplies

25 Fifth and Sixth grade “classroom” at the public school in Buena Vista

26 Colegio Latinoamericano A private school (not Christian) in Guatemala City Zone 18

27 Our teams are invited to teach Christian Education and English

28 122 students grades K-9 attend Colegio Latinoamericano

29 Adults in a park in Amatitlán Many women simply need to have a sense of belonging…of being loved

30 Children’s Bible lessons in an Amatitlán park Oscar and Ruth have the joy of teaching the children about their Savior each week at our three ministry sites

31 Children’s Bible lessons in a park in Amatitlán

32 Sponsors from the States provide resources for scholarships that open doors of opportunity

33 Our teams and friends gather much needed supplies which make it possible for more children to attend school

34 Mission teams have the opportunity to develop relationships with some great Guatemalans as we share God’s love together!

35 Touching the hearts of the lonely

36 Sharing God’s love with wonderful families as teams visit homes

37 Tell everyone what He has done!


39 So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, Continue to live in Him, rooted and built up in Him, Strengthened in the faith as you were taught, And overflowing with thankfulness. Colossians 2:6-7

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