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Functions of Nutrients for Plant Growth

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1 Functions of Nutrients for Plant Growth

2 Types of Nutrients Macronutrients – needed by the plant in large amounts (ESSENTIAL) Micronutrients – needed in smaller amounts but still needed by the plant.

3 Specific Macronutrients and Its FUNCTION
Nitrogen – Promotes rapid growth and gives plants healthy green color. Phosphorus – Stimulates early growth, root formation, seed production, and makes plants hardy. Potassium – Improves plants ability to resist diseases, aids in production of carbo’s and flower formation.

4 MACRO’s Continued Calcium – Aids in Carbo movement and essential to cell walls and root structure. Magnesium – Essential for translocation of starches and ingredient of chlorophyll Sulfur – Aids in the formation of oils and protein molecules.

5 Specific Micronutrients and their functions
Boron – Aids in the assimilation of calcium Copper – Promotes Vitamin A formation Manganese – Activator for enzymes in growth processes Zinc – Essential for enzyme systems and help synthesize growth regulators

6 MICRO’s Continued Molybdenum – Required for utilization of Nitrogen
Chlorine – Required in photosynthetic reactions Iron – Essential for the formation of chlorophyll and releases energy from sugars and starches

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