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Building web-based delivery systems Rapid movement by colleges and universities into web-related course delivery Lack the necessary faculty support.

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3 Building web-based delivery systems Rapid movement by colleges and universities into web-related course delivery Lack the necessary faculty support infrastructure^

4 Northwest Missouri State University Established The Electronic Campus in 1987 –provides comprehensive computing –enhances learning and living environment –affords high access at a low cost^

5 Center for Information Technology in Education Faculty instructional technology support center Established in 1998 with state mission enhancement funds Initiatives include –assisting faculty in the development of online, web-augmented courses, and instructional technology materials –researching emerging technologies –sharing endeavors with other institutions in the state of Missouri^

6 Physically Establishing the Center CITE Offices –Obtained temporary office in centrally located campus library –Permanent offices also located in library –Funding for remodeling and furnishings provided by the university^ Tour

7 CITE Staff Dr. Roger Von Holzen –Director Ms. Darla Runyon –Assistant Director/Curriculum Design Specialist Ms. Jolaine Zweifel –Computer Software Specialist Ms. Kris Bakko –Faculty Support Assistant/Secretary Student Staff^

8 Curriculum Design Specialist Overall Focus: Assist faculty, using appropriate training techniques, in the evaluation and integration of emerging and innovative instructional technologies in teaching practices and the curriculum. Encourage faculty to integrate instructional technology where appropriate.^

9 Computer Software Specialist Overall Focus: Assist faculty, incorporating student staff assistance, in the design and development of instructional technology materials. Encourage faculty to integrate instructional technology where appropriate.^

10 Student Staff CITE staff inadequate to fully support all of the faculty Some funding designated for faculty stipends switched to student support for individual faculty members Funds transferred to department budgets –minimized student-related paperwork for CITE –encouraged department internships and independent study projects^

11 Software Standards Designated software packages center would support –purchases –technical and training assistance Financially can't support all software desired by faculty Staff needs to have extensive knowledge of limited number of software packages in order to fully assist faculty^

12 Hardware Support CITE provides each Northwest faculty member with a notebook computer –two to three year rotation cycle Center retains "ownership" of hardware purchased for faculty –minimizes duplication of seldom-used hardware –maximizes array of hardware available for faculty use^

13 Faculty Notebook Computers Updated on a 3 year life cycle Work in their office, home, and classrooms Over 50 electronic classrooms^

14 Course Management Software Spring 1999 signed contract with –Company hosts online business degree courses –Provide technical support –Higher tuition cost for online courses^

15 Online Programs Northwest Online –30 fully developed online courses –2 degree completion programs (2 + 2) Bachelor of Science in Business Management Bachelor of Science in Accounting Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is scheduled to begin development Fall 2001^

16 Number of online courses offered through Northwest Online Online Courses at Northwest Students enrolled in Northwest Online courses

17 Web-enhanced Programs Instructional technology integration –hosted by Northwest through Blackboard courseware –2/3 of the faculty incorporate Blackboard –582 campus-based courses are web- enhanced^

18 Number of eCollege and Blackboard courses (over 7,000 student accounts) Online and Web-Enhanced Courses Percentage of Northwest courses with an online/web presence

19 Faculty Survey Determine technology needs of the faculty Establish a baseline measure of the faculty's technological skills Use information to organize training sessions^

20 Key to Success Strong support from the administration –Budget –Status of center and director Strong support from faculty –Interest in participating in projects Rapid integration into university-wide initiatives^

21 Faculty technology support services Instructional design services Assistance with course management tools Assistance in development of online and web- augmented courses Assistance in development of CD-ROM based learning materials Provide faculty instructional technology training Selection and support of CITE Fellowships^

22 Faculty instructional technology resources Faculty technology lab located in the CITE complex –variety of hardware and software –course management software Professional instructional technology staff Notebook computer provided and funded by CITE for every faculty member^

23 Infusing instructional technology campus wide Organization of faculty information –created distribution lists of departments –developed marketing materials –record support provided in faculty database Individualized faculty support plan –schedule individual faculty office visits –complete instructional technology needs assessment –incorporate individualized faculty training plan^

24 Faculty instructional technology training Faculty who are awarded funding complete campus-based and online training Training tailored to meet needs of individual faculty member Process includes becoming leader of instructional technology design team^ Training

25 Individual faculty office visits Office visit outcomes –completion of needs assessment –determining individual faculty training plan Follow-up visits frequently occur Mentoring within department Reverse mentoring^

26 Individualized faculty training plan Upon completion of the needs assessment –channel faculty into the instructional technology support system –assist with notebook computer –provide training in productivity tool software packages –provide training in courseware packages^

27 Faculty instructional technology development projects Funding through CITE Fellowships –complete grant application –typically awarded to online degree development courses and unique projects –complete training process with CITE staff CITE faculty positions –funds a nine month special appointment –provides release time for faculty to develop instructional technology projects^

28 Faculty instructional technology development projects Faculty compensation –2.5 % of salary x number of credit hours for course Intellectual property issue –50/50 ownership between university and faculty member –included in the application and contract faculty member signs –share information on MORC web site resource site^resource site

29 Instructional Technology Design Team

30 Faculty Instructional Technology Project Examples Animated presentation Narrated presentation Animated instructional concept CD-ROM based materials Web-augmented courseWeb-augmented Online course^Online course

31 eArmyU--the Army University Access Online (AUAO) program AAS articulated degree programs State-wide Masters in Education online degree program State-wide RPDC program^ New Markets

32 Marketing Internal marketing –Focus on academic and administrative groups and departments –Effort was necessary in order to streamline the bureaucratic processes as much as possible for the online student^

33 Marketing External marketing –The goal was to tap into the huge population that has not been traditionally tended to by the university targeting external populations we have worked with, but not in this delivery method identifying new external markets educating external markets about the online learning delivery method^

34 Marketing Posters Print Ads Kirkwood KCREACHE Nodaway Update


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