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New Student Orientation - 2010 Portland State University Graduate School of Business.

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1 New Student Orientation - 2010 Portland State University Graduate School of Business

2 The Do’s and Don’ts of Scholarly Writing What is Scholarly writing? –Intended for a critical and informed audience -Based on closely-investigated knowledge -Posits ideas or arguments What is allowed and not allowed? –Cite your sources! Use APA Format or another allowed by the instructor. –Plagiarism is NOT allowed! Literary theft. Plagiarism occurs when a writer duplicates another writer's language or ideas and then calls the work his or her own.

3 Writing Center What? collaborative learning environment free and available to all students great place to bring any and all writing projects for any class staffed by friendly, experienced writing instructors and English graduate assistants Where? open Monday through Friday during the academic term and Monday through Wednesday during Finals located in Cramer Hall, on the first floor, in room 188F also available on the 2nd floor of the library, Monday through Friday from 9am to 1pm for walk-in appointments – we’re right behind the reference desk in the middle of the room – just ask if you don’t see us Do not wait until the last minute!!!

4 Writing Center This means that you can bring your writing in whenever you are… …stuck in the middle of an idea …having trouble organizing your paper …having some difficulty understanding an assignment or coming up with an appropriate topic …in need of an extra pair of eyes to just make sure you haven’t veered off course …unsure how to correct your grammar or mechanical problems …looking for someone to bounce ideas off of …working on any piece of writing – a paper, memo, literature review, report, poem, story, thesis, letter, etc. –;

5 Tools for grammar correction (All you ever needed to know to figure out APA format) (A great on- line tutorial of how to use APA format). (This is the index. If you browse through it, you will find that there are exercises, quizzes, and explanations for the most common problem areas - especially with comma usage). (Great web page for help with verb tenses. Includes explanations and exercises.) ml ml (For help with the present perfect - a very commonly used verb tense in academic writing.)

6 Tools for grammar correction You can copy and paste your essay into this website Breaks the words into vocabulary groups - most used, academic word list, and repeated words See how often you use the same words again and again and again... expand your vocabulary You can copy and paste your essays into this website Analyzes them and gives you feedback on common vocabulary and sentence structure mistakes. It will definitely not find all of your mistakes though so beware!

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