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SOSC 200Y Gender and Society Lecture 23: Feminist’s Challenge.

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1 SOSC 200Y Gender and Society Lecture 23: Feminist’s Challenge

2 L23: 29.11.06 Strategic contradictions A. Legal pursuit vs Individual empowerment  Cases of B. State power vs Grass-root movement

3 L23: 29.11.06 Strategic contradictions (cont’) C. Working class women’s interest vs middle class women’s interest Different problems Different needs Different concerns

4 L23: 29.11.06 Facing the future I Divisive labour or Division of labour? Equality or Difference?

5 L23: 29.11.06 What are we fighting for?! Equality in Employment (economic independence) Encourage women to move out from private sphere to public sphere Objectives: –Full employment and growth (too difficult) –Equal opportunity (legal) –Encourage female to join male’s positions –Support to free women from caring

6 L23: 29.11.06 Fighting for: Equality in Employment (economic independence) Women are encouraged to compete and aspire to work like men Results: –Men and men’s way win; women lose out –Degrades feminism –Celebrates public: identity is built on career –Degrades private values (family lives)

7 L23: 29.11.06 In future, we should fight for Re-evaluating work and care, Re-evaluating public and private We could have public men and women At the same time, we could have private men and women Encourage men & women to spend more time and energy in the private sphere Family allowance, maternal leave for both men and women

8 L23: 29.11.06 Facing the future II Women as victim or Power feminism? The personal is political: a new order or a new sensibility?

9 L23: 29.11.06 Good women  Need to be protected  Keep them pure Break the division of good and bad women (this only serves male’s interests) Sex and freedom should be enjoyed by every normal women The new definition of ‘victims’ (victims of what?) The gap (of acceptance) between women from different culture or between women with different class background in the same culture Bad women  Need to be punished  Separate them from the majority

10 L23: 29.11.06 Backlash of Feminist movement Women’s problems The great diversity in attitudes, experience and values among women (in terms of class & educational level) Men’s movement The challenge made by the middle class, educated male The ‘indifference’ of working class male Role of the state & the market Women’s interests are not their main concern

11 L23: 29.11.06 Suggested Readings: Andersen, Margaret L. (2003) Thinking About Women: Sociological Perspectives on Sex and Gender (6/e). Boston: Allyn & Bacon, ch.12,13

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