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Electricity How is it made?.

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1 Electricity How is it made?

2 What is Electricity? The flow of electrons in usually in metals
Metals are good electrical conductors because of the way the share electrons, there are “Free electrons” that can move through out the metal.

3 Electromagnetism If you run electricity through a wire
you will generate a magnetic field If you move a magnet near a wire, you will generate an electric current

4 Generators This generator is spinning a coil of wire inside of a magnet This generator moves a magnet near a coil of copper wire to generate a current

5 Power Plants Most power plants burn something to generate steam
which is used to turn a turbine Which generates electricity


7 A motor is a generator You can either use electricity to run a motor….
Or you can use mechanical energy to generate an electrical current. Just depends on what is driving it…

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