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MIS 3862.

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1 MIS 3862

2 How Levi’s Got Its Jeans into Wal-Mart

3 Information Systems in Perspective
Chapter 1: Information concepts What is an information system Business information systems Systems development Organizations and info systems Competitive advantage Performance based systems Careers in Information Systems

4 Why Learn about Information Systems

5 What is a system? Earthbuddy

6 What is an Information System?
A set of interrelated components that collect, manipulate, and disseminate data and information and provide a feedback mechanism to meet an objective.

7 Earth Buddy What existing information systems can you Identify? Are they effective? What additional information systems would be beneficial? Why?

8 Information technology (IT) – any _______-based tool that people use to work with information and support the information and information-processing needs of an organization Information _______ is an important _______of business success and innovation

9 six major roles and goals of IT
1. Increase employee _________ by reducing time, errors and costs using 2. Enhance _________ making 3. Improve _________ collaboration 4. Create business _________ and alliances 5. Enable global _________ all over the world taking into consideration the culture of each nation or society. 6. Facilitate organizational _________ as the organization evolves and responds to the ever-changing marketplace.

10 Management information systems (MIS) – the function that plans for, _______, implements, and _______ IT hardware, software, and the portfolio of applications that people use to support the goals of an organization MIS is a business _______, similar to Accounting, Finance, Operations, and Human Resources

11 Today we live in an _______ age
Where knowledge is power to gain and sustain a competitive advantage. Once you finish your program, you will enter the _______ as a knowledge worker. Knowledge worker works with and produces _______ as a product. A knowledge worker _______ all other types of workers by a 4-to-1 margin.

12 Information Concepts: Data Versus Information
_______: raw facts Alphanumeric, image, audio, and video _______ Organized collection of facts Have value beyond the facts themselves

13 Data Versus Information
Figure 1.1: Defining and Organizing Relationships Among Data Creates Information

14 Data Versus Information
Figure 1.2: The Process of Transforming Data into Information

15 The Characteristics of Valuable Information
_______ Complete Flexible _______ Timely Verifiable Secure

16 Computer-Based Information Systems
Collect, manipulate, store, and process data into information

17 Business Information Systems
Most _______ types of information systems used in business organizations: Electronic and _______commerce systems Transaction processing systems Management information systems _______ support systems Specialized business information systems

18 Systems Development Systems development
Creating or _______ existing __________ systems Systems investigation Systems analysis Systems design Systems implementation Systems maintenance and review

19 Organizations and Information Systems
Organization: a _______ of people and other resources established to accomplish a set of goals An _______ is a system Inputs: __________ (materials, people, money) Outputs: goods or services

20 The Value Chain of a Manufacturing Company
Figure 1.14: Net Flix

21 Net Flix Where do you think Net Flix leverages the value chain to gain competitive advantage? Discuss where you feel Net Flix’s information systems helps them add value in the Value chain.

22 Technology Diffusion, Infusion, and Acceptance
Technology diffusion: _______ of widespread use of technology Technology infusion: _______ to which technology permeates a department Technology acceptance model (TAM): _______ factors that can lead to higher acceptance and usage of technology

23 Organizations in a Global Society
As companies rely on _________ structures and outsourcing to a greater extent, businesses can operate around the world Challenges to operating in a global society Every country has a set of customs, cultures, standards, politics, and laws Language _________ Difficulty in managing and controlling operations in different countries

24 Competitive advantage
1834 Competitive advantage Significant, long-term __________ to a company over its competition Ability to establish and __________ a competitive advantage is vital to a company’s success NFL Coaches

25 NFL Coaches From our list of Roles and goals of Technology, what does the IS of the NFL achieve? What sources of competitive advantage can you identify in the NFL? Are these long term, sustainable competitive advantages?

Factors That Lead Firms to Seek Competitive Advantage


28 Strategic Planning for Competitive Advantage
Change the __________ of the industry Netflix, hp & compaq, charles scwab Create new __________ or services Itunes, imac, Improve __________ products or services Healthy & light, Use __________ systems for strategic purposes Sabre, NFL Coaches See table 1.5

29 __________ __________ case Answer the following
Analyze the industry that __________ is in using the porter model, is it a good industry to be in? What competitive advantage do you feel __________ has? How does information play into that competitive advantage After maybe talk about personal competitive advantage

30 Performance-Based Information Systems Ella Mae
Consider both __________ advantage and costs Use __________, return on investment (ROI), net present value, and other measures of performance Figure 1.15: Three Stages in the Business Use of Information Systems

31 Return on Investment and the Value of Information Systems
Earnings growth Market __________ Customer __________ and satisfaction Total __________ of ownership

32 Careers in Information Systems
Figure 1.16: The Three Primary Responsibilities of Information Systems

33 S1--Passwords & Password Etiquette
What makes a strong password examples of good ones

34 Passwords & Password Etiquette cont.
One technique I was born in Lethbridge Alberta in 1980 IwbiLAi1980 Better yet -- I was born before 12:00 in Lethbridge Alberta in 1980 Iwb<12:00iLAi1980 Once created, your password needs to be protected Never ____________ it down Do not share with others, don’t ask ___________ for theirs and never give yours to _____________ else Swap__________, don’t let someone else type for you Look in another _________, when others typing

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