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Advanced Cardiac Resuscitation Guidelines

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1 Advanced Cardiac Resuscitation Guidelines
By Muhammad Bayat

2 BLS- HAZARDS Hazards- Make sure the scene is safe for you to help. Make sure you have universal precautions: gloves, Face Mask, and Apron

3 BLS- HELLO + HELP Determine if the patient is conscious by tapping and shouting "Are you OK?" If no response have someone call for the crash cart

4 BLS- Airway Position the patient on their back. Open the airway with a head-tilt chin-lift or jaw-thrust maneuver. Suction the airway and clear out any foreign bodies Insert an appropriate sized Guedel airway

5 BLS - Breathing LOOK-LISTEN-&-FEELING for breaths
CHECK REATHING FOR 5-10 SECONDS. If they isn’t breathing VENTILATE TWICE -Rescue Breathing

6 BLS- Circulation Check
Check for a pulse by palpating(feeling) the carotid artery. CHECK THE PULSE FOR 10 SECONDS.

7 BLS- Circulation If there is no pulse BEGIN CHEST COMPRESSIONS at a rate of 15 COMPRESSIONS to 2 BREATHS for both one and two man CPR

8 BLS - CPR Recheck the pulse after ONE MINUTE. CONTINUE UNTIL HELP ARRIVES, OR UNTIL YOU FEEL TOO TIRED TO CONTINUE. Approximately 4 cycles will pass before the pulse check

9 Advanced Life Support Recommended Minimum Equipment for the Management of Adult Cardiopulmonary Arrest AIRWAY EQUIPMENT Self inflating resuscitation bag with oxygen reservoir and tubing -BVM Laryngoscopes x 2 - normal and long blades Spare laryngoscope bulbs and batteries

10 ALS AIRWAY EQUIPMENT 1" ribbon gauze/tape Scissors Syringe - 20 mls
Oxygen cylinders x 2 (if no wall oxygen) KY Jelly

Intravenous cannulae 18 gauge x 3, 14 gauge x 3 Hypodermic needles 21 gauge x 10 Syringes 2 mls x 6, 5 mls x 6, 10 mls x 6, 20 mls x 6 Intravenous giving sets IV Infusion Fluid- MRL

12 Basic ALS Drugs DRUGS Adrenaline / Epinephrine 1 mg (1:1000)
Atropine 3 mgs Amiodarone 300mgs Phenergan Hydrocortisone Lignocaine

13 ALS - Additional Equipment
ADDITIONAL ITEMS ECG Electrodes Defibrillation Gel pads Pulse Oximeter Gloves/Goggles/Aprons NIBP Monitor

14 ALS- Management Heart rhythms associated with cardiac arrest
can be divided into two groups: 1.) ventricular fibrillation / pulseless ventricular tachycardia (VF/VT) 2.)Other rhythms. Asystole and pulseless electrical activity (PEA).

15 ALS -Rhythm Why the Differentiation?
The management of these two groups of arrhythmias is different Defibrillation in those patients with VF/VT Drugs used in the other rhythms

16 ALS- Rhythm Recognition
Similarities CPR , Airway management and Ventilation, venous access, the administration of epinephrine (adrenaline) and the identification and correction of contributing factors, are common to both groups.

Ventricular Fibrillation Asystole


19 ALS- Defibrillation Turn on the Machine Change Lead Select
Gel the Paddles Confirm the Rhythm Set Energy level at 200J 3 stacked defibrillation of 200,200,360J

20 ALS- Advanced Airway Prepare Equipment Insert Airway Check Position
Ventilate Consider Surgical Airway -Cricothyroidotomy

Dilute 1mg of 1:1000 adrenaline into 10mls Give 1mg every 3minutes followed by a stacked shock after 1 minute of CPR Maximum dose = 3mg

22 ALS- Drug Therapy Atropine Used in Asystole and PEA
Mech.. Of Action : Vagolytic Drug Given at a dose of 1mg every 3 minutes till a maximum of 3mg

23 ALS- Drug Therapy Amiodarione
Used in persistent VF that remains despite adrenaline Used post 2nd defibrillation attempt 300mgf bolus given mixed with 20ml of dextrose

24 Anaphylaxis Clinical Features Urticaria (hives) and/or angioedema
Hypotension -Shock Upper Resp Tract Obstruction. Bronchospasm Cyanosis

25 Anaphylaxis-Treatment
Prevention ALS- Airway Protection,Breathing, Circulation Adrenaline (0.5ml IMI & Nebulised & IV) Antihistamines (Promethazine 25mg) Adrenergic Agonists (Salbutamol Nebs) Hydrocortisone (200mg IVI)

26 ALS- Take Home Message Do Not Panic Remember ABC’s
Defibrillate only a VF/VT & remember the GEL Adrenaline is common drug to all the protocols

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