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Anatomy of a Game CTIN 463 John Hight 310-404-9880.

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1 Anatomy of a Game CTIN 463 John Hight 310-404-9880

2 What’s on tonight? The pitch process Role of the Executive Producer

3 What is a concept? Concepts are the short story version of a game idea. Everything someone needs to know about a game and nothing more In a format that can be digested in five minutes or less

4 Proposal answers 4 questions 1. What is the game? 2. Who will buy the game? 3. Why will they buy the game? 4. Why should this game be published?

5 Concept proposal sections high concept premise and story synopsis unique selling points game features genre of game target platform target customer competitive analysis financial analysis team proof of concept (optional)

6 High Concept A short sentence or two that provides the vision or “big idea” for the game Usually the first thing in the proposal, right after the title Keep it simple

7 The X Electronic Arts uses the term “the X” to identify the main feature or major message of the game a team of programmers, artists, and testers provides feedback to ensure that the game supports ”the X.”

8 High Concept Example –“Crazy Taxi meets The Simpsons”

9 High Concept Example –“The Real Driving Simulator”

10 High Concept Example –“The Real Driving Simulator” Gran Turismo features –accurate reproductions of cars from well- known manufacturers –realistic handling and performance –real world tracks and racing conditions

11 Unique Selling Points Core pillars guiding design and marketing Tend to sound like slogans Inspiration –a well-known brand or license –use of new technology –Innovative game mechanic Rule of thumb: 3 USPs

12 USP Examples Switch on the fly between 3 player characters Fly, drive, run, and swim – all in one world First game to be set in the mythical underwater realm of Atlantis Epic military battles above ground, squad- based exploration below it

13 Shannon Studstill Director of Production, SCEA Executive Producer, God of War

14 Assignment #1 Concept proposal: 2-5 pages typed Should include: –high concept –premise and story synopsis –unique selling points –game features –genre of game –target platform –target customer –competitive analysis Due: February 19, 2007

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