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 What is Nokia?  Where is it located?  History  Nokia in 2006  Business Groups.

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2  What is Nokia?  Where is it located?  History  Nokia in 2006  Business Groups

3 What is Nokia?  World leader in mobility and communications industry  Mobile Devices  Equipment, solutions and services for communications networks.

4 Where is it located? Nokia Head Office Keilalahdentie 2-4 P.O. Box 226 FIN-00045 Nokia Group Finland Tel. +358 (0) 7180 08000 Nokia Corporate Office New York 102 Corporate Park Drive 10604-3802 WHITE PLAINS New York USA Tel: +1 914 368 0400 Nokia Corporate Office 6000 Connection Drive Irving, Texas 75039 USA Tel. +1 972 894 5000 Nokia Asia-Pacific 438B Alexandra Road #07-00 Alexandra Technopark SINGAPORE 119968 Tel. +65 6723 2323

5 History  Foundation in 1865  Current form as cooperation in 1967  In 1990‘s telecomunication got ist core business  Now Nokia products are used everywhere in the world

6 Nokia in 2006  World’s leading manufacturer of mobile devices  An estimated 36% share of the global device market  Mobile device volume of 347 million units  Net sales of EUR 41.1 billion  Operating profit of EUR 5.5 billion  68,483 employees of more than 120 nationalities  Strong R&D presence in 11 countries  R&D investment of EUR 3.9 billion  21,453 people in R&D (approx. 31% of the Nokia workforce)  15 production facilities in nine countries  Sales in more than 150 countries  World’s sixth most-valued brand (ranked by Interbrand)

7 Business Groups

8 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Service and Product Design Quality Management Process, Capacity Design Location Layout Design Human Resources and Job Design Supply – Chain Management Inventory Management Scheduling Maintenance

9 Operations Management  SERVICE AND PRODUCT DESIGN Nokia is one of the world's most known brands in the world. From humble beginnings Nokia has risen to dominate the world market for mobile phones. Nokia sold more than 200 million phones in 2004 NOKIA Customer Fulfilment Brand & Design Technology & Architecture

10 Nokia has transformed innovative design into a central focus of the company's core business strategy Operations Management  SERVICE AND PRODUCT DESIGN As a result last year resulted in 50 new cell phone models NEW TECHNOLOGIES 50 NEW MODELS IN 1 YEAR INNOVATION

11 Operations Management  QUALITY MANAGEMENT Nokia wants their customers to know that they are the best quality company in the industry with the best products and services. At Nokia, quality is an integral part of business management Nokia's quality targets are: To be number one in customer and consumer loyalty To be number one in product leadership To be number one in operational excellence How? - Understanding customer requirements and creating the best user experience. - Everybody in the chain has a role to play in achieving quality.

12 Operations Management  QUALITY MANAGEMENT Quality is both a business strategy and a personal responsibility, and it is a part of their culture and values. How?- Processes are continuously improved based on the measures and the feedback Nokia receives from their customers. Therefore… By taking quality personally they are able to deliver world-class quality to our customers. Quality is the source of inspiration, energy and excitement. It is an attitude.

13 Operations Management  PROCESS, CAPACITY DESIGN Networks Technology China Finland India Customization and Logistics Centre United States Mobile Devices and Enhancements BrazilChina FinlandGermany Great BritainHungary IndiaMexico South Korea

14 Operations Management  LOCATION Nokia's mobile phones can be found throughout the world. Nokia's locations are divided into 5 main areas:

15 5.LAYOUT DESIGN  It’s quite the same all over the world:  Nokia's layout is known throughout the world, with its phrase "connecting people"

16 6.Human Resources and Job Design  The principal values of Nokia are: Customer Satisfaction Respect Achievement Renewal.

17  Nokia listens to the views of their employees and act on them when designing their people policies and practices.  Besides, the company rewards employees for good performance, competence development, and for overall company success.

18  The basic salary is based on market conditions, demands of the job and individual competence and performance.

19 7.Supply-Chain Management  All products and services need to comply legally with human rights  Close cooperation with customers and suppliers allows end-to-end efficiency and speed – key success factors for the entire supply chain.

20 9. Scheduling  Nokia recognize the diverse needs of the individuals in the different phases of their lives; so flexible working solutions can provide alternative modes of working such as teleworking at home or at other locations.


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