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LEMONADE TYCOON fresh-squeezed LEMONADE! Megan Bennett.

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2 LEMONADE TYCOON fresh-squeezed LEMONADE! Megan Bennett

3 GOAL make the most money you can running a virtual lemonade stand learn entrepreneurship learn to interpret customer feedback what do you try to do?

4 ENJOYMENT reminds you of having a lemonade stand when you were a little kid compete against players from across the world to see who can make the most profit practice marketing techniques (more fun way to study) why is it fun?

5 GRADING CRITERIA how are you scored? the higher your profit, the better you did as you learn to interpret customer feedback and purchase ingredients more effectively, the greater your profit margin will become

6 CONTROLS how do you play? use your mouse to: - purchase ingredients - adjust lemonade recipe - change the price of your lemonade

7 STRATEGIES “listen” to watch the customers are telling you about taste and price purchase supplies effectively - buy cups and sugar in bulk - buy only the amount of ice and lemons you will need for that day how do you improve your score?

8 SIMULATED ASPECTS what does this teach you? how a small business is run the process of entrepreneurship marketing techniques - meeting the demand and wants of customers

9 IMPROVEMENTS how can it be made more educational? make players calculate the profit themselves instead of automatically have players recalculate their own budget after purchasing supplies

10 QUESTIONS game length? - each game lasts for 30 days in Lemonade Tycoon time which can take as little as 15 minutes in real time saving games? - games cannot be saved to return to at another time what else might players want to know?

11 QUESTIONS pay to play? - Lemonade Tycoon is free to play online where can I find it? monade-tycoon-online-games.html what else might players want to know?

12 REFERENCES "Lemonade Tycoon." Web. 6 Sept 2009. monade-tycoon-online-games.html

13 fresh-squeezed LEMONADE! “One glass, please!”

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