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Discover something InfoPro Library, New Technologies and Trends in Completing a University Library, Moscow, December.

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1 Discover something great @... InfoPro Library, New Technologies and Trends in Completing a University Library, Moscow, December 2002 “Libraries and the Electronic Journal Revolution” Brett Thomas John Wiley & Sons Ltd

2 Some Historical Background John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Founded in 1807 First journal with electronic access produced in 1997 Wiley InterScience launched in January 1999 First online Major Reference Work (Ullmann’s) live at end of 1999 OnlineBooks launched in October 2001

3 Why switch from print to electronic? Space saving Usage statistics Search functions across platforms Cross-referencing Quicker updates Roaming Access Early View Users’ expectations

4 Some Statistics… Recent research from Outsell* conducted among higher education students and faculty members found: 18% of those polled regularly use e-books; 97% use traditional print media; 88% use online abstracts and indexes; 78% use print abstracts 75% use e-journals. *Source: Information World Review, September 2002

5 Discover Something Great Our online library provides an integrated collection of… Over 360 journals 34 major reference works & Current Protocols Over 280 books

6 Discover over 350 World Leading Journals Over 360 journals World leading titles 11 subject collections

7 Discover over 350 World Leading Journals Eleven subject areas Bold Ideas - an online collection of 40 of Wiley’s top Business Journals and newsletters

8 Discover Definitive Reference Works Seven subject areas 34 works including Express Exec, BioMedical PDA and the Current protocol series.

9 Discover Definitive Reference Works

10 Discover over 280 OnlineBooks Over 280 books organised into libraries according to subject Three Libraries, each with three collections Regularly updated with new titles

11 Discover over 280 OnlineBooks Search by chapter Easy to read text and diagrams

12 Discover why OnlineBooks are great... an extremely user-friendly, highly effective means of organizing what until now has been exclusively print material...The service as a whole is excellent. Unreservedly recommended for academic libraries, university libraries, and scientific research libraries in general. Ed Sugrue, Harvard University Libraries, Library Journal, May 2002

13 Discover what you want… Advanced search functions Customised to each publication

14 The ‘ All Product Search’ – searches across all reference works, journals and OnlineBooks at once. Discover what you want…

15 Results are neatly grouped according to publication type. Discover what you want… searchreference works resultsjournals resultsbooks results

16 Extensive linking CrossRef EBSCO ISI Web of Science PubMed CAS CELERA Discover what you want…

17 Discover it where you want it… @ your work station – EAL offers institution wide, unlimited concurrent access @ home – Roaming Access provides for password access outside institute’s IP range. ATHENS access coming soon @ your fingertips – providing essential journal content to the PDA

18 Discover it how you want it… PDF - makes it easy to print HTML – makes it easy to search and link

19 Discover it first EarlyView presents individual articles online as soon as they are ready, even before the release of the compiled print issue. EarlyView articles are complete, peer-reviewed, and citable Range of journals available on EarlyView

20 Discover it when you want it Content Alerts will notify you via e- mail when a new issue is online

21 Discover it the way you want it You can use your Personal Home Page to manage your Content Alerts, and to store links to journals, articles and queries that you refer to on a regular basis

22 Great! So how do I join the ‘revolution’? There are three Licensing options: 1.Basic Access License: only available to small, single-site institutions 2.Enhanced Access License. Offers unlimited simultaneous access from all sites 3.Consortium Enhanced Access. Offers X-access to shared holdings

23 EAL Benefits Article Select: Access to non-subscribed journals Unlimited and simultaneous access Better pricing for other electronic products Usage Statistics Price Increase Caps Cancellation of all or any print A personal Account Manager

24 Benefits of a Consortium license Access to more journals through Cross Access Better pricing conditions Ideally, negotiations are harmonised through single administrator or assigned administrators User training can be better better organised

25 OK, what do I do next? Contact your Account Manager who will help assess a price If you have an agent, let him know of your interest in a license If you are members of a consortium, provide details of all members to the Account Manager Once negotiations are set in motion, organise a trial to the journals/other product

26 Discover it today… visit Brett Thomas

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