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Banknote Euro Tester presented by Dimex TMB Ltd.

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1 Banknote Euro Tester presented by Dimex TMB Ltd.
BET - Product Overview EURO single currency Advantages EURO figures Technical information The solution Be prepared How it looks like Contacts

2 EURO single currency 12 Member States of the European Union currently participating in the single European currency /Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Finland/ In 2004 ten more countries become EU members. In 2007 two more countries are expected - Bulgaria and Romania

3 EURO figures Around 9 billion genuine euro banknotes are in circulation The number of counterfeit and fake banknotes increased twice every year The most counterfeited banknote is the 50 EUR banknote Data: based on ECB materials Counterfeit euro banknotes


5 How it looks like? Small - it does not need much space
It is easy to work with BET tester It does not require utmost attention from the operator Automatic switch off and low consumption of energy 16-digit display Unlike UV testers, BET is not harmful to the eyes

6 Our competitors BELLCON – Denmark SALLEN ELECTRONICA- Spain

7 BELLCON - Denmark Detection of all US Dollars series
Combined euro and US dollars Works on UV principals Price – EUR 1499

Eurocontact - reads the security code - do not show the value Euroscan - technology based on laser sensors - verify hologram

9 Advantages 99,99% reliable system against EURO banknote counterfeiting
Compact measures – 175g. Low energy consumption / 2 x 1.5 V batteries type AA, ensure 60h. running time/ Six available languages Competitive price

10 Technical information
The BET device is not base on UV principle BET is working by reading the security thread information build into the banknote BET work could not be affected by any possible chemical treatment of the banknote surface (accidental washing or deliberate UV passivation).

11 Be prepared The European Central Bank advised the public not to be concerned about chances of receiving counterfeit banknotes, but always to be alert to the possibility The “feel-look-tilt” method has proved to be an effective means of detecting counterfeits BUT: Take one more advice: be prepared and armed with some more technique - it’s never expendable

12 Contacts : Dimex TMB Ltd. 78, G. S. Rakovski Str
Contacts : Dimex TMB Ltd. 78, G.S.Rakovski Str. Sofia 1000, Bulgaria Phone : Fax : URL:

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