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Ergonomics & The Environment Derek Franks Comm 165.

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1 Ergonomics & The Environment Derek Franks Comm 165

2 Ergonomics Ergonomics is the study of human factors related to things people use. Concern with matching job with worker instead of worked adapting to computers Working on designs increase productivity and avoid risk to health Working on computers for long periods can create physical and mental health problems.

3 Physical Health Eyestrain & Headache Extended computer use can cause this Take 15 minute breaks to avoid the problem Back and Neck Pain Working at monitors or keyboards in wrong positions Use adjustable equipment Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) Injury from fast, repetitive keyboard work Carpal tunnel syndrome is one type of RSI

4 Mental Health Noise Counterproductive irritant Working next to certain printers can cause ringing ears Distraction from voice input/output Electronic Monitoring Workers whose work is electronically monitored – more health issues than those supervised by people Technostress – tension that occurs when we have to unnaturally adapt to computers rather than have them adapt to us.

5 Avoiding Risks Take 15-minute breaks from the computer after every 1-2 hours Massage hands to help prevent RSI Use proper equipment Adjustable chair and monitors Wrist rest Use headphones Replacing electronic monitoring in the workplace

6 The Environment Computers use the greatest amount of electricity in the work place (5%) Environmental Protection Agency created Energy Star program Goal of reducing energy requirements for computers Concept of the Green PC

7 The Green PC System Unit Uses less energy thanks to technology used on portable computers Processors and drives go into sleep mode

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