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IS112 - Computer Organization1 IS112 Computer Organization and Programming Professor Catherine Dwyer Fall 2006.

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1 IS112 - Computer Organization1 IS112 Computer Organization and Programming Professor Catherine Dwyer Fall 2006

2 IS112 - Computer Organization 2 Agenda Introductions Syllabus Class Schedule Blackboard web site Technical knowledge and the IS professional Assignment for next class

3 IS112 - Computer Organization 3 Catherine Dwyer Lecturer IS Dept. Full time since Fall 2000 Other classes taught: CS121, CS122, CIS101, IS112, IS223, IS323, IS396E (Java), IS660Z(Programming Games Using VB) Lead developer for Web Assisted CIS101 Revision Chair for IS Undergraduate curriculum Co-author with Dr. Jeanine Meyer of Programming Games With Visual Basic, Course Technology, 2001

4 IS112 - Computer Organization 4 My IS Background MS in CS (Pace), PhD candidate at NJIT, research topic is social networking sites Two daughters, college junior and 9th grade Prior Experience: Programmer/Analyst at NYC investment bank, Technology Coordinator at Graphics Design Firm Husband journalist with The New York Times Hobbies: reading, bike riding, kayaking, cooking You?

5 IS112 - Computer Organization 5 BS and BBA IS Curriculum How does IS 112 fit into IS curriculum? What should you get out of taking IS 112?

6 IS112 - Computer Organization 6 IS 112 Course Goals Students will develop technical research, analysis, and communication skills  Research – where/how to find information?  Analysis – is information unbiased and accurate?  Communication – organize and synthesize your findings and present to a non-technical audience

7 IS112 - Computer Organization 7 IS Accreditation National IS organization has created criteria and standards for an IS degree Document available at http://www.is2002.org Accredited programs provide higher quality and consistency Pace was first program in US to obtain accreditation

8 IS112 - Computer Organization 8 IS’2002.4 Description (IS112) Covers hardware/software technology background in order to understand tradeoffs in computer architecture within a business environment IS professional: understand business requirements, research technology options, describe and recommend solutions

9 IS112 - Computer Organization 9 IS 2002.4 Topics Hardware: CPU architecture, memory, registers, addressing modes, busses, instruction sets, multi processors versus single processors; peripheral devices: hard disks, CDs, video display monitors, device controllers, input/output; operating systems functions and types; operating system modules: processes, process management, memory and file system management; examples of hardware architectures; examples of operating systems; installation and configuration of multiuser operating systems.

10 IS112 - Computer Organization 10 Syllabus and schedule Overview of course requirements and assignments CS/IS Student Statement of Responsibilities

11 IS112 - Computer Organization 11 Assignments and Grading Attendance, homework and class participation – 15 pts Two person presentation (simple machine) – 15 pts Research paper - 15 pts Research presentation – 20 pts Exam 1 – 15 pts Exam 2 – 20 pts

12 IS112 - Computer Organization 12 Blackboard 6.0 Link is at http://blackboard.pace.edu Your login is beginning of Pace e-mail address (drop the Password must be set through the Pace portal Find your email ID at http://studentit.pace.edu

13 IS112 - Computer Organization 13 What if it doesn’t work? Access class documents at Report problem to

14 IS112 - Computer Organization 14 IS112 & Blackboard Reading schedule & list of assignments Submit homework Discussion forums Online reading assignments If Blackboard is unavailable documents can be obtained at

15 IS112 - Computer Organization 15 Your Pace Student e-mail All e-mail from me will go to your Pace student e- mail account To access your student e-mail go to Use mail forwarding if you use another e-mail account Include your FULL NAME in all e-mails sent to your professors Go to for help with e-mail

16 IS112 - Computer Organization 16 Why study technology? What do you need to know about technology? Where can you find reliable sources of information on technology?

17 IS112 - Computer Organization 17 Role of IS Professional Research, recommend, develop, install, configure, and maintain information technology (IT) based solutions to business and organizational needs

18 IS112 - Computer Organization 18 IS Professional Role Good advice is crucial This requires  Complete understanding of fundamental business goals of your company  Current and complete knowledge of potential technical solutions

19 IS112 - Computer Organization 19 Assignment 1: Technical literacy Critical requirement for any professional field is the ability to read and analyze technical documents  Medicine, law, computer forensics, finance First assignment is to read and answer questions on an article from a leading computing periodical

20 IS112 - Computer Organization 20 Week 1 Assignments Due Tuesday, Sept. 13 th, 11:15 am Discussion board assignments – introduce yourself, post your AIM screen name Answer Web Search Questions (quiz under Assignments button)

21 IS112 - Computer Organization 21 Next class Assignments  Review your answers in class  Read Chapter 01 in Burd text Topics  Research and analysis requirements for IS professional  Evaluating Internet based research

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