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Welcome to Spanish Dual Immersion Alta View Elementary 2 nd Grade.

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1 Welcome to Spanish Dual Immersion Alta View Elementary 2 nd Grade

2 Management Our classrooms are participating in an exciting motivation plan! Your child will be able to access a variety of positive reinforcements for engaging in appropriate behaviors. Additionally, students who do not behave appropriately will earn consistent consequences. Gold Medal System

3 Spanish Motivation Personal and Group Points Get points for speaking Spanish Lose points for not speaking Spanish Reward for completing 100 points individually Reward for completing 50 points as a group

4 Punctuality and Absences Arrive at school between 8:05 and 8:10 Avoid late arrivals whenever possible They cause disruptions in the classroom Late arrivals require a note Check in at the office before coming into the classroom Every minute spent learning in the classroom will reflect on your student’s progress

5 Materials Envision math Calle de la Lectura Interconnections Common core

6 Homework Packet goes home every Monday English homework Reading, spelling, grammar Math Yellow paper with daily activities Hands on activities In English In English 10-15 min every day

7 Homework Packet comes back to school signed by parents the following Monday!!! Incentives will be provided for turning in homework on time

8 Homework It is important that your child take responsibility for his/her homework assignments. While you may need to remind your child to do his/her work, please have him/her do as much as possible independently It is important that you work with your child, so that you can notify us as soon as possible if he/she is having difficulty with a particular homework assignment

9 Homework Folders/Planners Go home every day Come back to school every day Check folders and planners every day Planners have notes, announcements, reminders, etc. Keep folders clean

10 Reading at Home At least 30 min each night 5-7 days each week Record min on monthly calendar Send it back signed by parents w/ total min recorded Send it back by last day of the month to count towards Road Runners academy

11 Spelling Words Word Study Sorting activities based on patterns Used to practice for Friday’s spelling tests Dictation using words from spelling list and high frequency words for 2 nd grade Dictation sentences are graded on correct spelling, punctuation and capitalization

12 Used for math and Spanish Math assignmets are found on the math yellow paper Not obligatory but very helpful for students Instruction for access will be given as soon as student’s information is uploaded Spanish activities will be accessible later in the year

13 Meeting w/ Teachers After school only (unless it’s an emergency) Contact us through email, planners, class blog Expect both teachers to be present when meeting with them In order for the Spanish teacher to communicate w/ you in English, your student cannot be present!

14 Volunteers The best way to volunteer is to help your child at home with reading and getting their homework done!!! Time in the Immersion Program is limited and valuable. We will contact you when help is needed Participation in the PTA is always welcome and needed

15 Parents should maintain an active role in their child’s education by providing experiences that help develop their English language skills. Parents should read to them daily and engage them in activities where they need to apply what they are learning in class. Our time in the Immersion Program is limited and valuable. The fewer distractions we encounter in the classroom will aide our instructional time and in return will be reflected in your child’s academic success. Many teachers ask for parent help in a variety of ways: working with small groups of children, sharing a part of your culture or help with special projects of paperwork. Contact your child’s teacher if you are interested in helping out. Teachers run their classrooms very differently. Please do not be offended if your child’s teacher does not seek help from parents in his/her classroom. Participation in the PTA is always welcome and needed as well as other school wide functions and fund raisers.

16 Road Runners Academy Speak Spanish 100% of the time Reading 30 min every day Be on Gold 4 out of 5 days Turning in homework on time 90% of the time

17 Class Private Blog malanmoscoso.blogspot.comPrivate Used for communicating with parents and keeping them updated RemindersHomework Celebrating students’ participation and successes!!!

18 Class Private Blog Release form Read it carefully Mark your option Student’s name, parent/guardian name and signature Login information will be given at the return of this form

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